24 Jul 2024
Daddy State: The Remarkable Effect of Powerpoint
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Daddy State: The Remarkable Effect of Powerpoint

This week Stockholmer, American and father of three Joel Sherwood dips his toe back into the corporate environment – bringing Baby with, of course.

photo-47It’s the time of year to be returning to work after vacation. I’m not back full-time though. That would be crazy. I’ll work just one day a week this fall and take care of the baby the other days. No need to be extreme and work everyday. This is Sweden.

But there are times like yesterday when I need to come into the office on a day I don’t work.

There was a midday meeting I had to go to. In Sweden, it’s sometimes OK to bring your child to the job. I decided to give it a try even though the baby doesn’t usually nap at that time. She was asleep when the presentations started. She woke up, looked at the screen, and then fell back asleep for a couple more hours. It’s remarkable the effect Powerpoint has on people.

Featured Image: Philippe Put

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