22 May 2024
International Parents Integration Project Stockholm launched
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International Parents Integration Project Stockholm launched

Surprising figures show that over 60%⑴ of expat working immigration assignments fail due to lack of support for the accompanying family. Despite the best intentions of integration projects, business and the families themselves, there is a clear lack of dedicated integration initiatives aimed at this particular demographic.

The International Parents Integration Project Stockholm (The IPI Project Stockholm) has been set up to tackle this growing problem with the aim of providing tailored integration information for international parents and families at a dedicated, accessible space in Stockholm. After months of dedicated work setting the project up, the IPI Project Stockholm has finally seen the light and celebrated its launch on April 5, born out of the Högalid Hedgehogs international play group and a collaboration with Littlebearabroad.com – Stockholm for Kids.

Families who move to Sweden via working assignments often fall through gaps of integration policies and services because they do not have highly visible needs. The IPI Project Stockholm aims to work with existing Stockholm municipal services to bridge the gap in knowledge and understanding to help families familiarise themselves with the most important aspects of Swedish civic and community life.
Many families find it tricky – or in some cases, impossible, to navigate the complex civic system. Coupled with the pressures of relocating, this often leads to family pressures and a failure to integrate… and ultimately, the family leaving Sweden. Taking with them a whole host of skills, knowledge and investment opportunities.
“We believe that everyone needs a starting point, that building your village abroad is an evolution. In creating a safe, vibrant, reliable and attractive space offline, the IPI Project Stockholm helps international parents and kids to connect with their community whilst adapting to their new home. Adaptation and integration are more than just about fitting in. They are about recreation, renewal and metamorphosis.” Jill Leckie, the IPIP project leader
With over 250,000 foreign born citizens now living in Stockholm (about 27% of the population)⑵ many of these citizens have relocated for work, bringing spouses and families with them. Often, spouses and children are forgotten in the workplace transition process and little effort and resources have been dedicated to helping them truly integrate and become permanent members of Swedish society.
Working with Försäkringskassan and Skatteverket and other key authorities, the IPI Projectaims to provide a clear and comprehensive guide and practical support for people to navigate the social welfare, tax, education and health systems. As well as peer support on social and lifestyle activities, which are fundamental to make families feel themselves part of the Swedish society.
Watch the video of its laugh event below:

For more information please visit: https://ipipsweden.wordpress.com
Sarah Coats Chandler
076 297 4006
Jill Leckie
Project Leader
073 537 84 66

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