12 Apr 2024
Chenin Blanc wines for the summery days

Chenin Blanc wines for the summery days

On the occasion of the world #DrinkChenin Day on June 15, Your Living City was invited to a very special wine tasting of Chenin Blanc vines, organized by the Chenin Blanc Association and Wines of South Africa (WOSA) in Scandinavia.

“South African Chenin Blanc has come into its own, setting a benchmark in terms of world class quality and versatility of style which can appeal to wine drinkers around the world. Whether easy-drinking or voluptuous and rich, the variety never ceases to inspire” Siobhan Thompson, CEO, Wines of South Africa (WOSA).

The Chenin Blanc aroma wheel is compounded by characteristics of crisp, spicy and mineral freshness with tones of citrus, stone, ripe, baked and dried fruits; as well as some secondary floral, wood and nutty aromas. All in all, perfect combinations of flavour and freshness you want to have in the summer.

We took this opportunity to carefully select four marvellous Chenin Blanc wines avalaible here in Sweden to recommend to you. These would gracefully go perfectly with the bright and warm summery days.

Spice Route

Spice Route

Systembolaget number: 70555

Tasting Notes: Pear, cooked mango, freshly cut wood, pepper, white flowers and a touch of vanilla, citric notes of mandarin and peach. Quite full with a lively acidity and strong oak enveloping the palate giving this wine some character although not too overwhelming. Better enjoyed on an early summer night when the sun is getting ready to set.

Recommended food: Shellfish, spicy food, lean fish, mild and soft cheese.

Price: 99SEK




Systembolaget number: 75986

Tasting Notes: A very refreshing, easy to drink wine. Fruity flavors with pickles, pears, macadamia nuts, vanilla and lemon.

Recommended food: Served at 8-10 ° C to tasteful dishes of fish or shellfish or light meat.

Price: 169SEK




Systembolaget number: 91195

Tasting Notes: The perfect summer wine abundant with the sweet flavours of apple, pear, strawberries, slightly buttery but crisp at the same time. This wine presents a bright straw hue with a lovely bouquet of fresh limes and citrus peel followed through by fruit sorbet floral undertones. The palate has a beautiful freshness with a tight linear structure. Layers of citrus fruit, washed stone and spice carries through to a long aromatic finish.

Recommended food: Have it with strawberries, works also with antipasti or unadorned seafood, such as oysters and shellfish.

Price: 599SEK

Raats Old Vine

Raats Old Wine

Systembolaget number: 92806

Tasting Notes: The wine offers a complex nose showing quince, white peach, yellow apple, acacia, nettles, white pepper and fenugreek spices and an intense minerality. The stone fruit character follows through onto an exceptionally balanced, very delicate, fine textured limey palate showing a peach-melba character with an exquisite roundness and freshness. The wine lingers with hints of ripe nectarine and apricot, zesty lemon and wet chalk.

Recommended food: Cheese like cheddar and gruyere. Rich creamy mussels, smoked salmon, white fish with a beurre blanc sauce, butternut squash soup, mild Indian curries and Tandoori chicken, Wiener schnitzel and turkey.

Price: 250SEK



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