13 Jun 2024
Swedish Lifestyle: Cherry Jam Recipe
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Swedish Lifestyle: Cherry Jam Recipe

Summer time is a great time to make jam and preserves.

Are you looking for something mellow to do on summer vacation in Stockholm? We suggest you find yourself some cherry trees, pick a bucketful and make cherry jam.

Emma from www.bakemeacake.se , a swedish baking blog writesv”Making jam is easy. Just keep in mind that it is a labour of love, so don’t rush the process and your jam will turn out wonderfully.

What you need:

  • A big old pile of cherries. I recommend you pick them yourself, but store bought will work just fine.
  • Lemon Juice
  • Jam Sugar with pectin

What to do:

Put washed cherries in a saucepan, add a tiny bit of water and slowly bring to boil. Remove the foam with a wooden spoon. Add some lemon juice for extra flavour along with sugar, jam sugar with pectin (syltsocker med pektin). How much should you add you might wonder? That’s the best part. You decide for yourself, depending on how sweet or sour you would like your jam to be. I used around 3,5 dl since the cherries I used were fairly sweet.(If you’d like the jam to be thicker, simply add some citric acid – read the label for instructions)”.

And just like that, you have yourself some fresh homemade cherry jam.

For more great recipes, check out www.bakemeacake.se


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Special thanks to Carmel Heiland, who help source and edit this piece.

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  • Awe emmanuel olusegun 16 May 2016

    Comment:i emmanuel so much fall in love with the city of Sweden i so much cherish their coffee and the summer jam thank you.

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