25 Jul 2024
Stockholm Imam: ISIS does not represent Islam
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Stockholm Imam: ISIS does not represent Islam

YLC’s Hedir Al-chalabi went to Imam Sabih Mirza Noori looking for answers to her questions about religion, fanatism and terrorism.


Because of the delicate situation I thought it’s our duty to start posing more questions and trying to find some answers about all the things that concern us all. I felt I needed to go to the source of our beliefs, to ask about religion, and more specifically in this case, Islam.

In my opinion the whole world is currently suffering from loss and we should empathize with all those who are struggling against injustice.

We do feel the suffering of France, Britain, Spain and all of Europe, don’t we? But don’t we also suffer for Nigeria (where a terrorist massacre in January 2015 left 2000 people dead, in July many mosques were bombed and 145 killed, and in September there were attacks at a stadium and on the streets where 145 people died), Yemen ( where in March 2015 suicide bombers killed 137 people), Kenya (where in April 2015 shooters killed 151 people), Syria (where in June 2015 three cars exploded in Kobane and 146 people died), Iraq (where in July 2015 a car exploded in a crowded square and 180 people died), Egypt (where a Russian charter plane exploded over Sinai on 31st October and 224 people died) and the list of terrorist actions and atrocities goes on and on, also not forgetting our home-bred terror attacks like those in Trollhättan or Utöya…

Countless people are killed every day in far-away places by the same type of fanatics who have now shaken our balance in Europe and are making us feel insecure. This same insecurity has been felt by all the people in the conflict areas for a very long time. I truly believe most of the people fleeing their homes now feel more despair than we could ever imagine.

So does religion have anything to do with the violence that is going on right now? Does any religion teach that killing would be acceptable for any reason, except for self-protection?


I went to meet an Imam from Stockholm and asked him to share his opinion.

• Can you present yourself?

I’m Imam Sabih Mirza Noori, born in 1956 in Baghdad. I studied Sharia Islamic in Iran and worked as an Imam for 20 years and after that moved to Stockholm, Sweden where I continued my profession. I studied at the University of Westminister in London in 2004. I wrote six books, four in Iran and two in Sweden, but only one is published in Iraq.
I wrote about humans and their personality, about knowing ourselves and the ones around us, giving tips for making the life easier (Människan och kunskapet sitt figur kynne (vol.1,2 (2003). I wrote this book because I saw, that we make mistakes and we don’t know what to do, where to go and how should we understand things. Because, for example, if we have a problem with our body we can resolve it taking some medicine or going to the doctor, but when it comes to the soul that is tired of lying and unpeacefulness, can you operate it or take any tablet for it?

Another book is about relationships in the society between neighbours, friends, couples, parents with children (Politiken i människas liv (2006-2007). In another I speak about the respect that is given to those around us (Människan och kunskapet regel (2006-2007). Another interesting book is where I speak about the women, their freedom, respect, career and so on (Människan och kvinnans mänsklighet i livhanken (2006-2007) and the last one I speak about the permitted and not permitted things in Islam (Halal – haram -2012).

• How long have you been living in Sweden and why did you leave your country?

I have been living here since 2000 and in 2001 I already had my passport. I left Iraq moving to Iran in 1979 because of Saddam. From Iran I moved because my family left to Sweden in the 90’s and because I wanted to support Muslims in Europe.

• Was it hard for you to adapt in Europe or did you have any conflicts because of your religion?

The truth is that Europe and Sweden gives everyone, especially for Muslims, the help that we need. Actually the problem is coming from us. Europe’s and Sweden’s laws are good for the humanity. It was very easy to adapt in Europe and I didn’t feel discriminated because of my religion.

• Who are these immigrants in Europe that everyone speaks about?

These people that are here are the people that are running from ISIS, the same people who terrorise Europe.

• But among the immigrants there may also be some ISIS terrorists, who could harm Europe?

True, there may be, because they want to destroy everybody’s life. Before this happened, we had a better relationship with Europe, but now the bad propaganda influences the world making them believe that ISIS really represent Islam. These are not Muslims, these who want to destroy in the name of Islam. Islam will never encourage such terrible actions.


• Do you think that by closing the borders, Europe will reduce the risk of terror attacks?

No, it will make no difference, but it may be worse for those who want to escape from the hands of these killers.

• What is in your opinion the solution for stopping this world terror war?

By giving a chance for Muslims to speak and come out with ideas, because, receiving a leading position, people will listen more than they listened to the people that had nothing to do with this culture.

• How do you think ISIS recruits their so-called “soldiers”, because as we know among them are also delinquents born in Europe?

I don’t know, but I think that they choose weak people without any education, money and personality. They teach them a wrong type of Islam, and tell them that paradise would wait for them if they kill themselves or others and that this would be what Allah wants. Of course, these are absurd things that any person with a logical mind would never believe.

• What advise can you give to the Muslim community, how should they involve themselves or how could they collaborate in order to make a balance in this troubled society?

This is a very big problem, Muslims have to know the law of Quran. And the people like me when they have to say something, they have to say it from Quran or from our prophet Mohammed (SAWS). Everything that people see on the internet should not be believed without making some research.

• Can we find in any Sura from Quran anything that suggest for Muslims to kill or hate other people no matter what they believe?

No, it doesn’t exist. On the contrary a part of the commands in war are: don’t kill a child, a woman, old people, monk, priest, those who surrender or run away, don’t destroy buildings, don’t enforce Islam and so on. Everything that is forbidden these terrorists do it as it would exist somewhere written, which is not.

• Why are the reactions delayed when it comes to those outside of Europe?

Because Muslims are not united.

• Do ISIS represent Islam?

No, because everything they do contradicts with Quran. What they do is not jihad. Jihad in Islam is about being at home protecting yourself, not attacking someone. All beliefs in the world are not about a general religion, but the responsibility of every individual for their actions. We should all let the differences between us rest and listen to the Quran. This will guide eveyone to the right way, concludes Imam Sabih Mirza Noori.

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