22 Jun 2024
Getting in the Halloween mood with Shockholm
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Getting in the Halloween mood with Shockholm

The Shockholm Halloween parade is taking place once again on the 5th of November. This time it will be held at Medborgarplatsen, and the event will start from 4pm. The costume contest participants will be presented at 5pm and the parade will start at 6pm. Winners are to be presented at 7pm.

We went to the kick-off party at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce to get in the Halloween mood beforehand and here are some pictures.

Anna Jois will be hosting the Shockholm event once again.
Transylvania represent
Gnarly Head
The actual guitar commissioned for Disney’s Coco, built by Mexican master guitar maker Germán Vazquez Rubio. And it was of course played by Bellman.
Anna Jois and Bill Schacht singing about a burning heart
YLC’s own Karen with some new acquaintances she made at the party.

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