23 May 2024
Jackie Spears
Education Uncategorized University

Stockholm’s International Students Face Challenges: Exploring the Avenues to Academic Success at University

“Going to college has always been a significant time of transition developmentally with adulthood, but you add to it everything that comes

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Expat Support Mental health

Could Mindfulness Be the Answer to Cognitive Health Issues in Stockholm?

A recent study of more than 1.36 million people with records in the Region Stockholm administrative healthcare database has found

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Home Page Articles Sustainable

Stockholm Addresses Noise Pollution as Part of Becoming Fossil Free by 2040

Europe’s first Green Capital is taking a step further banning petrol and diesel vehicles in the center of the city starting on

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Featured Home Page Articles Sustainable

Stockholm’s Green Revolution: Fossil Fuel Cars Banned in Parts of the City from 2025

Traditional diesel- and gas-powered cars will be banned in parts of Stockholm’s city centre from 2025 to reduce emissions and encourage

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Getting Around Sustainable Videos

Stockholm Leads The Way: World’s First Commercial Electric Passenger Ferry Sets Sail

“Stockholm has become the first city in the world to launch a self-driving, fully-electric commercial passenger ferry”, Interesting Engineering reports. Meet

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Sustainable Vegetarian

Zero Waste: More Than a Trend, a Sustainable Shift in Stockholm’s Culinary Scene

In Stockholm, zero waste isn’t just a trend; it’s a delicious commitment to sustainability that’s making waves in the food scene,

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World’s Largest “Wood City” To Be Built In Stockholm

Stockholm Wood City — the “world’s largest mass timber project” — will be constructed in Sickla, just southeast of central Stockholm, and

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Creative Arts Design

Stockholm Design Week to Showcase the Best Interior Design Trends for 2024

If you’re looking for inspiration to spruce up your living spaces, make plans to check out Stockholm Design Week, an annual

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Work & Money

Injured At Work? This Is The Help You Can Get In Stockholm

Early intervention and support are crucial for getting injured workers back to work, according to one study. In the EU, the

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Housing Moving to Sweden Your New City

Promoting Community and Connection: Exploring a Stockholm Initiative for Age Inclusive Living

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

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