18 May 2024
The Best Beauty Brands From Stockholm That You Need To Know About
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The Best Beauty Brands From Stockholm That You Need To Know About

The Best Beauty Brands From Stockholm That You Need To Know About

Swedes have an impeccable sense of style that leans towards clean design and quality, mixed with a few of the latest trends of the season. To match this chic and classic aesthetic, they tend to go for a fresh, clean, and natural-looking makeup to achieve an effortless look. While most of the locals take a minimalist approach to beauty and skincare, beauty products are, surprisingly, some of the biggest players in the Swedish consumer market.

Data shows that in 2020, the total revenue of the country’s beauty market amounted to USD 2.11 million, and this figure is projected to grow by 2.2% in 2023. Moreover, with the growing popularity of beauty products and makeup from Stockholm-based brands, it’s guaranteed that the Swedish beauty sector will continue to be relevant worldwide. If you’re thinking about trying out some new perfume, cosmetics, or skincare this year, check out these beauty brands from Stockholm for your next finds.

& Other Stories

Private label skincare and cosmetics from top Stockholm brands have been flooding the market in recent years, and some of the products from these brands have impressed beauty insiders for their performance and good results. One such brand is & Other Stories, which is under the H&M group. This brand offers ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products for women, and their beauty line includes an impressive bath and body collection and a line of rich, buttery lipsticks that rival those from luxury cosmetic brands.

Some of their fan-favourite products are their Cotton Care Body Scrub, a sugar scrub that smells like fresh laundry; Miel Leilani Lip Balm, a rich tinted balm that makes lips feel smooth and hydrated while leaving a hint of rosy colour; and their Restore Scalp Scrub, which soothes and cleanses the scalp and leaves hair smooth and shiny. These products aren’t only effective, but they’re also affordable, so they’re perfect for those who are on a budget.    


When it comes to perfume, Stockholm trendsetters usually favour subtle scents that are unlike anything else that’s in the market. This is probably why Byredo, a Stockholm-based perfume brand, has become a local favourite, and has gained a following of supermodels, celebrities, and beauty insiders from all over the world. Byredo’s fragrances are known for having just the right amount of sweetness, an i they aren’t gender specific so anyone can wear them any time of the year. Their best sellers include Bal d’Afrique, a fragrance that is inspired by Africa, and has notes of bergamot, African marigold, violet, and Moroccan Cedarwood. Mojave Ghost is another favourite, and it’s inspired by the beauty of the Mojave Desert. This perfume contains notes of ambrette, magnolia, nesberry, cedarwood, violet, and vetiver. 

Face Stockholm

Face Stockholm is a beauty brand that has been around since 1982, and it’s owned by Stockholm native Gun Nowak and her daughter, Martina Arfwidson. This company has a reputation for making the Swedish beauty aesthetic accessible to women globally, and best of all, it’s a clean and cruelty-free beauty brand. Their cult favourites include their Overnight Stem Cell Mask, which combats environmental damage and improves dry and dull skin. There’s also their best-selling Tinted Mineral Moisturiser, which combines moisturiser, sunscreen, and colour in a sleek tube. Another must-try is Face Stockholm’s Green Tea Exfoliator, which gently removes dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. 

Nordic beauty brands are becoming the talk of the global beauty industry. Make sure to check out these Stockholm brands and find out which ones suit your beauty needs and aesthetic.  

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