17 Jun 2024
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Formex 2024: The Ultimate Meeting Ground for Interior Design Professionals

If you’re a professional in the interior design, design, or gift industry, Formex is your gateway to a world of opportunities. This renowned trade fair, slated to be held for the next time on August 27-29, 2024, provides a platform where national and international buyers, agents, wholesalers, importers, producers, designers, and media converge. Formex is […]

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Playing life like it’s a game of chess

My hotel room in wonderful Saltsjöbaden looks out on an open-air chessboard. The pieces are randomly placed on the board, some alongside it, painting the scene of a game in mid play. Right now it looks a bit sorry for itself, given the average temperature of -10 in the past weeks. It inspires me to […]

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Think before you throw out the old

This time of the year, at the turning of the light and with the advent of a new year, we might raise a glass and say, “out with the old, in with the new”.  Leaving the old behind is certainly something that global nomads are particularly good at. The last few months have given me […]

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Don’t pack your guilt

This is the time of year that many global nomads head home to their families. With expectations high on both sides, these visits can be a mixture of heaven and hell. Almost all expatriates feel some measure of guilt about the impact their life choices have on those who love and miss them ‘back home’. […]

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Exploring Sweet Delights: Vladimir Vallejos’ “My Sweet Friends” Collection at Charity Art Expo

The upcoming Charity Art Expo on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at Sergel Hub in Stockholm is set to host an extraordinary new collection by the talented artist Vladimir Vallejos. His latest series, titled “My Sweet Friends,” offers a delightful fusion of creativity, sweetness, and the charm of Pokémon. Vallejos, when asked about his new collection, […]

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Exploring the New 19th Century-Inspired Café in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan has unveiled a new gem that transports us to traditional 19th-century Sweden: Augustas Folksalong. This charming café promises to offer its visitors a unique experience, inspired by the tradition and charm of that bygone era. A Period Ambiance in Every Corner With a large bay window and wooden tables, Augustas Folksalong creates a […]

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YLC’s Christmas Market Picks

With the days getting colder and darker, it’s the perfect time for some glögg and festive cheer from one of the many Christmas markets going on in Stockholm. While the crowds head to the well-known markets at Skansen and Gamla Stan during November and December, we’ve chosen our picks of other wonderful Christmas markets you might […]

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Charity Art Expo (CAE): A Celebration of Creativity and Philanthropy

⚜️ CAE is more than an art exhibition; it’s a grand celebration of creativity and charity, all in support of WWF. This upcoming event, scheduled to unfold at Sergel Hub, promises to be an extraordinary convergence of artistic brilliance and social responsibility. Reserve your entrance tickets today, here: TICKETMASTER Event Highlights: ⚜️ Your Presence Matters: […]

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Preserving Cinematic Heritage: Join Forces with Ethan and Maya Hawke to save Skandia Theatre!

Photos by Joar Vestergren Step into the enchanting world of Skandia Theatre, a century-old cinematic gem nestled in the heart of Stockholm on Drottninggatan. This iconic venue, which has been a beacon for film lovers for over 30 years, is now facing the threat of closure. The Stockholm International Film Festival, along with Hollywood stars […]

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Holding it lightly

Lately I have found myself comparing the process of an international relocation to that of childbirth. You forget how intensive it is and how much it hurts. And so, months or years later you merrily embark on the adventure again. I’m sitting in my car outside yet another apartment, waiting to go in for a […]

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