2 Dec 2023
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A Smörgåsbord Indulgence This Summer

This Scandinavian summer go native by indulging in the smorgasbord – a Swedish gastronomical buffet tradition also enjoyed during Christmas and special occasions and celebrations like a birthday or silver wedding anniversary. Relish in the wide array of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres served in five rounds; with this sequential structure first introduced by the […]

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Café Culture Dining out Swedish Culture

My Favorite Cafes – In and Around Stockholm

One of my absolute favorite things about Sweden is the Swedish fika, or coffee break. Swedes have utterly perfected this fika thing, which actually encompasses much more than simply taking the American “ten minute coffee break” at work. It is a social institution, utilized by friends, family and the work place alike, and almost always […]

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Bars, Pubs & Clubs Community Culture Dining out Featured Lifestyle Spanish / Tapas Your New City

YLC Review: España Aqui Tapas Bar

Pour yourself a glass of sangria, expand your cultural horizons and try some tapas in Stockholm tonight!

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Cooking Courses in English Culture Lifestyle

A Taste of South India with Sanjoo Malhotra

Want to learn the secrets of Indian cuisine? Dying to experiment with exotic ingredients? Or are you just tired of cooking the same-old same-old? YLC took a 3-hour workshop with Stockholm’s resident culinary guru Sanjoo Malhotra to learn the in’s and out’s of South Indian cookery. And boy were we impressed!

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Dining out Japanese / Sushi What's on: Stockholm

Six Swinging Stockholm Sushi shops

There are few things we like more at YLC than a really nice plate of sushi. Whether you are into fish or perhaps prefer veggie sushi – this is the list for you. We give you six of our best tips for scrumptious sushi around town! Akki Sushi, Söder Aaah… Akki Sushi. Once recommended to […]

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Community Swedish Culture Tourist Information What's on: Stockholm

The Lowdown: Midsummer in Stockholm 2014

Looking for a place to dance around the May pole this weekend or just want to learn more about Midsummer in Sweden?

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Swedish Culture Videos

Spuds, Beans and Anchovies: Stockholmers Explain Swedish Food

Want to know what the Swedish equivalent of Mac’n Cheese is? Ready for some brown beans? Or ever wondered just what it is that’s supposed to be so tempting with Janssons Frestelse?

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Grocery Shopping Speciality Shops

The YLC Guide: Stockholm’s Asian Supermarkets

Want to impress your mates with a sushi party but don’t know where to find ingredients? YLC to the rescue

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Grocery Shopping Speciality Shops

YLC Top Picks: Asian Supermarkets in Stockholm

Ready to go shopping for your next Asian-inspired meal? It’s a jungle out there! But YLC is here to help with our own Top Five favorite Asian supermarkets. Chow down!

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Café Culture Dining out

Green Rabbit: Rye Bread Bakery to Open in Stockholm

Dying for rye? You’re not the only one, but you don’t have to wait long. Stockholm is getting its very own rye bread bakery, opening this spring!

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