22 May 2024
Spuds, Beans and Anchovies: Stockholmers Explain Swedish Food
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Spuds, Beans and Anchovies: Stockholmers Explain Swedish Food

Want to know what the Swedish equivalent of Mac ‘n’ Cheese is? Ready for some brown beans? Or ever wondered just what it is that’s supposed to be so tempting with Janssons Frestelse?

There are some dishes you can’t avoid while in Sweden – and we’re not talking IKEA meatballs here. If you have spent some time  – or even just a holiday or two – in the country, chances are you have come across the classics…

While sill (pickled herring) might be pretty self explanatory (although that the combo of herring and honey was EVER invented is still a mystery) there are dishes that might need a little explaining…

And where better to go than straight to the horses’, neigh, Stockholmers’ mouths (see what we did there?) for the full story? And that is exactly what WE did.





  • gina 24 Sep 2014

    FUN! I’ve just found you though Joel Sherman (who’s writing and humour I love). I’m an ex-pat + really enjoy the style of this interview and can only imagine the versus; interviewing Americans about Macoroni and Cheese, Rice a Roni – etc. It makes me think about the scene in National Lampoons Vacation where the Griswalds are served heated “Hamburger Helper” without the hamburger while visiting relatives and how these items are so culture specific and nothing one learns in school. I’ve had many days when I’ve uttered to myself “If I only I had an Alice (Brady Bunch); what would Gilligan do? (Gilligans Island) and I remember the exact day and setting when my children were visiting the US and they were served their first Mac and Cheese. It’s treat to find you. I look forward to returning for more./g

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