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Summer Fun: Top Stockholm Bathing Spots

Photo Credit: Alexander Hall/imagebank.sweden.se

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Looking for a beach in Stockholm? Check out the YLC list of the top places around the city to sunbathe or take a dip!

If you live in one of Sweden’s larger cities you may notice a difference in atmosphere during summer months. Your office is empty and you suddenly have no problem finding a seat on the morning train. So where are all the Swedes? On these warm summer days you will find most Swedes enjoying their long summer holidays either abroad or soaking up the rays at one of the many Swedish beaches.

We have created a list of Stockholm’s beaches and swimming spots. Now you can nip out of the empty office a little early – hardly anyone is there to notice anyway – and head for an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing.




This is a rocky beach and you access the water from the cliffs – so not entirely child-friendly. However, it is well worth a visit if you just want a picnic on the cliffs or are an experienced swimmer. Although there are jetties, the water is very deep. With views over lake Mälaren, this is a haven for those seeking refuge from noisy children and they really take their bathing experience seriously – there’s even a club. 

Location: Kungsholmen (T-bana Kristineberg). For a map click here




This family-friendly sandy beach is a must for many city-dwellers during the summer. A huge lawn leads down to a sandy beach, and it even has the obligatory korvkiosk and ice-cream stand! Although this is one of the best places to swim and sunbathe in the inner city – it has also been popular among Stockholm’s Canada Goose  population – so  you might want to take an extra look before you unroll your towel on the ground. Just sayin’.

Location: Kungsholmen, (T-bana Thorildsplan). For a map click here.


Summer Fun: Top Stockholm Bathing Spots Flatenbadet allmäna your living city
Flatenbadet. Photo credit: Stockholms Stad


Lake Flaten is one of Stockholm’s cleanest bathing lakes. At Flatenbadet there are jetties in several places and a jumping tower. The area is accessible with a ramp that leads down to the beach and the water. Here you will also enjoy nice walking paths through untouched nature. During the summer days there is a kiosk and a mini golf course adjacent to the beach.

Location: Flatenvägen 200, (T-bana Skarpnäck). For a map click here.


Summer Fun- Top Stockholm Bathing Spots Maltesholmsbadet sweden stockholm hässelby strand
Maltesholmsbadet. Photo credit: Stockholms Stad


This place is a favourite for its wide beach and its proximity to Hässelby Strand metro station. There are large flat grass areas leading down to the beach where you can comfortably set your picnic spot. To the side of the beach there is also a fenced place with swings and an outdoor gym, so the whole family can enjoy in their own way.

Location: Hässelby-Vällingby, (T-bana Skarpnäck). For a map click here.


Mostly frequented by families with children and groups of students. A small and pleasant swimming area in wooded surroundings. No kiosk though – so bring your own picnic or walk up to Lappis (student accommodation area) where there is an ICA if desperate for another kanelbulle …or three.

Location: Northern Djurgården. Nearest t-bana is Universitetet (red line), then hop on the Roslagsbanan to Frescati. Alternatively bus 40 stops very close to the beach. Map can be found here. 




Across the water from Smedsuddsbadet, this tiny but pleasant beach can be found on the island of Långholmen. Less spacious than its neighbour across the water, it is still one of the most popular beaches in the city. Also close to the Långholmen Inn’s summer café, where it is possible to purchase ice-cream and kanelbullar and other necessities for a successful day at the beach.

Location: Långholmen (T-bana Hornstull). For a map, click here.




This bijou bathing spot is popular with students and families with children. Although it is certainly safe for kids to swim, keep an eye out for some slippery stones on the lake floor. As it is such a popular spot, it soon fills up and if you arrive later than noon you may run the risk of not having much space to spread out your towels/beachmats/sun-shelter – so come early or you may have to sit near the shrubberies. (Where I once saw an adder. True story.)

Location: Situated just south of Stockholm University, beside the Brunnviks canoe club. (T-bana Universitetet). Map can be found here.

Featured Image: Alexander Hall/imagebank.sweden.se

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