18 Apr 2024
Stockholm Design Week SPECIAL – Inspiration taking shape
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Stockholm Design Week SPECIAL – Inspiration taking shape

For a whole week each year, Stockholm becomes a meeting point for Nordic and other European brands that are shaping the furniture and interior design world.

You probably didn’t know Scandinavian design is so strong that it has become a point of reference for everyone with an eye in the inspiring interiors. Why Scandinavian design? Because of it’s functional designs that are, with the coming trends, blending visual character and subtle beauty with the effective use of shapes and spaces. And because Scandinavian brands are tending to use sustainable materials at even higher standards than other brands in other countries.

And just to prove that to you, here are Your Living City‘s favourite finds at Design Week:

The colourful, considered & cool!

We like colours and when they are mixed with textures such as velvet, which is totally IN right now for furniture… they really make objects of desire.

The wild things!

Daring and eccentric Scandinavian designs like these are captivating and taking over the pages of the interior design magazines all across Europe.

The pale and interesting!

This is what Scandinavian design is already very famous for, blending sleek shapes with sober simplicity and taste.

The smart solutions!

We know how very often we find ourselves living in limited-sized homes and that’s why we have to make the best out of the available spaces. 

We also made a selection of some of the best events during this week of inspiring designs to bring you all the details that caught our eye, we hope you find it as inspiring as we did.
Mosebacke Design District Mingle and Drinks Event was probably one of the most relaxed, eccentric and cool events of the whole Design Week, for a night all the creative forces that make up the Mosebacke Design District project, set the mood for a party to celebrate design. We have previously talked about this important meeting point for today’s artists, writers and musicians in our article Mosebacke Design District: Another design & culture Mecca. Located in the area around Mosebacke torg, it is home to many of Sweden’s currently most interesting designers, art galleries, niche boutiques and restaurants. Below are some of the best we saw during our visit to this event:


Furniture and Light Fair at Stockholmsmässan har been arranged annually since 1951 and is one of the largest furniture trade fairs in Europe, where major Scandinavian and a few other European brands put on display their elegant, functional and fresh ideas for the future interiors. This is a space for purchasers of lighting and furniture for public and home environments, as well as architects and designers. An estimated 40,000 visitors had the opportunity to come in contact with over 700 companies. We kept an eye out for the innovative and interesting, and gathered these images:


Studio B3 is the showroom for anyone working with interior decoration and design. Right in the heart of Stockholm, you will find their inspiring showroom of 1000 square meters, where you can see, touch and feel a wide array of quality products. 18 of the leading Swedish companies in the interior business show their products for public environments and private homes. The latest meets cherished classics in a unique atmosphere. Look at the slide show that contains some of the most interesting pieces from Studio B3:

Stockholm Design Week will be back in February next year. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best shapes, colours, textures and styles to keep an eye out for. You could make them yours at home or at your work space. Until next time!

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