21 Jun 2024
Social Sweating in Sweden
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Social Sweating in Sweden

The Swedes work out more than anyone else in the European Union. It is true that people in Scandinavian countries are known for their healthy lifestyles, but seven out of ten people living in Sweden work out on a weekly basis. This healthy lifestyle is contagious and if you are living in Stockholm, there are many options for how to get out there and join your fellow Swedes in this health craze.

Fitness Opportunities in Stockholm

Stockholm is already known as one of the fittest cities in Europe, and for anyone who is considering a move to the capital of Sweden or already living there and hoping to get in on the action, do not let the weather fool you – you can sweat in Sweden. In the summer months, Stockholm has a plethora of choices for getting outside.

Lake swimming is a popular option, as is using one of the many outdoor gyms, as well as plogging, a combination of jogging and picking up trash. In winter, the vibe does not have to stop. Gyms across the capital offer the opportunity to try CrossFit, attend a Spinning class or getting on a bike in your own home, all the way to a new trend. Bounce Fit, a popular trampoline class is also becoming the norm. You will be spoiled with interesting options no matter the season. Cross-country skiing is also a typical wintertime activity, not only in Stockholm but all across Sweden.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved in Stockholm’s fitness market is easy because everyone is doing it. Going to a class or a gym is also a great way to meet people and try out new things. Signing up is easy and since most people you will find speak English, foreigners are always welcome. Residents will not be disappointed when trying out a new experience. Exercise in Sweden is a great way to meet fellow Swedes, internationals, and locals alike, especially when the outdoor cafés get too cold to enjoy. Being social in Sweden may take some sweat, but it does not have to be difficult. It seems like everyone in Stockholm is excited to get in shape, making it easy to join in on the trend. One does not have to look far and wide in order to find these kinds of opportunities. Your health and your social life will thank you for it in the end.

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