14 Jul 2024
Cravings in the city: the YLC guide to Stockholm’s international grocery shops
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Cravings in the city: the YLC guide to Stockholm’s international grocery shops

Coveting some camembert, ravenous for ragú, salivating for samosas? Look no further! YLC has the lowdown on where to get your mitts on international supplies in the city! Enjoy!

So every expat (and some Swedes) know that there is a time when you’ve had enough Pytt i Panna to make you sick, you’re tired of meatballs and if someone tries to tempt you with Jansson’s Frestelse (or Sill for that matter) one more time you are going throw the knäckebröd at them  and  burst out crying. That’s the time to head to your nearest international grocery shop and stock up on some essentials! And there may be more of these retailers than you thought!



French cheese shop

Götgatan 39

116 21 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-641 90 20

Map: Click Here


Nybrogatan 6

114 34 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-660 58 33

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Asian Market

Olof Palmes Gata 12

111 37 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-20 65 88

Map: Click Here


Sankt Eriksgatan 46

112 34 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-650 66 76

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

DagLivs (now called Coop DagLivs)

St. Eriksgatan 34-38

112 34 Stockholm

Tel.: 010 741 97 00

Email: [email protected]

Tip: If you cannot find the product that you are looking for in the shop, email them and they will have the product within 14 days!


Map: Click Here

East Trading Wang

Olof Palmes Gata 7

Tel.: 08-21 28 38

Map: Click Here

The English Shop

Söderhallarna, Medborgarplatsen 3 (Locations in Gothenburg & Malmö also)

118 26 Stockholm

Tel.: 08 640 44 04

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Gamla Amsterdam

Cheese Shop

Hornsgatan 39A

118 49 Stockholm


Map: Click Here

Globen ICA

Arenaslingan 1, Globen

121 26 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-600 30 30


Map: Click Here

Grey’s American Foods Online Shop


Himalaya Livs

Valhallavägen 75

114 28 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-673 13 52

Map: Click Here

Hong Kong Trading

Olofsgatan 5

111 36 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-21 77 99

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

HuaXia Supermarket

Herkulesgatan 7

111 51 Stockholm

Tel.: 08-205 180

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here


International Market in Hötorget (swedish delicacies & abroad)


Map: Click Here

Indian Food Center

Kungsholmsgatan 15

Tel.: 08 653 21 22

Map: Click Here

Ingelsta Kalkon

Turkey Store

Humlegårdsgatan 13, Östermalm (Locations in Bromma & on Södermalm also)

114 46 Stockholm

Tel.: 08 660 33 66


Map: Click Here

Japanska Torget

Tegnérgatan 6

113 58 Stockholm

Tel.: 08 673 58 81


Map: Click Here

Kista Grossen

Torsnäsgatan 4-6, Kista Centrum

164 40 Kista

Tel.: 08-751 01 00

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Korean Food

Luntmakargatan 76

113 51 Stockholm

Tel.: +46 8 545 938 16

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Kosherian Blecher & Co.

Kosher Store

Nybrogatan 19, 1st floor, Östermalm

114 39 Stockholm

Tel.: 08 663 65 80

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Maimai Asian Market

Holländargatan 9A

111 36 Stockholm

Tel.: +46 8 411 45 33

Email: [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Mint Online Indian Store (Coming Soon!)



Röntgenvägen 7, Flemingsberg

141 52 Huddinge

Tel.: 08-449 86 40


Map: Click here

Rinkeby Matcenter

Rinkeby torg 8

163 73 Spånga

Tel.: 08-36 31 58

Map: Click Here

Salam Orientlivs

Edvard Griegsgången 11 C, Husby Centrum

164 32 Kista

Tel: 08 – 750 48 91


Map: Click Here

Söderhallarna, Medborgarplatsen

International Markets on Södermalm (Swedish delicacies & abroad)


Map: Click Here


Bergengatan 18, Kista

Tel: 019- 603 03 50


Map: Click Here

Taj Mahal

Kammakargatan 40

111 60 Stockholm

Map: Click Here

Taylors & Jones

British Butcher

Hantverkargatan 12

112 21 Stockholm

Tel.: +46 (0)8 651 29 10


Map: Click Here

Thailaan Asian Market

Liljeholmstorget 5, Liljeholmens Galleria

117 63  Stockholm

Tel.: 08-645 07 44

Email: [email protected]

Map: Click Here

Sollentunavägen 163, Sollentuna Centrum

191 47 Sollentuna

Tel.: 08-35 17 00

Email:  [email protected]


Map: Click Here

Thai-China Supermarket

Fleminggatan 49, Kungsholmen

112 32 Stockholm

Map: Click Here

USA Godis 

Stockholm’s largest range of American sweets, snacks and soft drinks.

Upplandsgatan 6

111 23 Stockholm

Email: [email protected]

Tip: If you are looking for something specific, send USA Godis an email, and they will do their best to provide you with the product.


Map: Click Here

We hope you find what you are looking for ! If YOU know of an international shop near you that you think we should add to our list, we would love your recommendations!

Original article: Emma West

Updated by Carmel Heiland


  • Aurélie 29 Aug 2011

    No French shops, shocking 😉 Oh. there is a good Thai shop in the shopping centre of Liljeholmen

    • Morgan 30 Aug 2011

      Maybe there are some French shops, we just have not found them yet. If anyone else has some advice we would love to hear it.

      I also love the Thai shop in Liljeholmen. They even have Pockey…yuumy! 😉

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  • sr 15 Apr 2013

    Shocked to not see the asian food store on Ringvägen on this list. The place is huge and has everything! http://www.kina-li.se/

  • Masa 25 Apr 2013

    For Japanese foods, there is also JFK (Japan Food & Kitchen) at Swedenborgsgatan 28, near Stockholm Södra station.


  • Solan 26 Jun 2013

    Great list! Perhaps descriptions should be added to the ones which aren’t as clear, though. And maybe some price ratings. 😛 For instance, Ingelstas Kalkon is very expensive, and Pulsen in Flemingsberg is super cheap! 🙂

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