19 May 2024
Scandinavian interior design tendencies of 2018

Scandinavian interior design tendencies of 2018

The influence of Scandinavian interior design can be seen around the world and it stands above all for two things: minimalism and functionality.

Earlier this spring we were invited to the largest meeting point for interior design in Scandinavia, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. We took in plenty of bright impressions from there, carrying the freshest tendencies that will be dressing not only homes in Sweden, but also beyond its borders. We picked some of the highlights and bring them to you in this compilation.

We hope you will find some inspiration from these trends. Take from them what suits you, what represents you and then adapt it all to your own home!


Wicker furniture is not only patio furniture anymore. The latest indoor wicker styles gear up with additions like leather cushions for the seat, or head and foot rests.


The trending colours

Bright and bold deep blues and greens as well as mustard are the starting colors for your palette.

colours web



It’s all about soft textures and nothing feels smoother to the touch than velvet. Its charm lies also in the way this fabric reflects the light. It is both luscious and subtle.


chairs velvet


Everything rounded

We also see a tendency in keeping the edges and corners of furniture in a more organic rounded shapes.

Rounded edges web


It is OK to go retro, but don’t overdo it. Always try to mix it with a twist of modern and be careful in selecting your styles.

Retro web

The statement and functional pieces

Express your eccentric and original self with a piece of furniture that screams authenticity! But make sure that it works for you and that it is useful as well.

statement furniture

Circular mirrors

The circular and elliptical mirrors are really no news at all, but they have now become an unavoidable piece in the bedroom and other common living areas.

mirror circle

Patterned rugs

We love what houses like Fraster are doing with the use of irregular patterns and alternative materials in their rugs.

Fraster rugs web


Original lightning

Whether they come with organic references or in animal or fruit shapes, nothing says more about a home than its choice of lighting.

Lighting web

Elegant outdoors

Pieces like these would prove a lift for any veranda, balcony or garden. Why would your outdoor furniture only have to be functional? When it can be both functional and fabulous!

outdoor furniture

Forceful details

It’s not so common to see these kinds of strapping, sturdy details in Scandinavian houses’ furniture, but there is certainly a place for them. And when blended well with the rest of the furniture, we all like to have a piece that stands out and breaks from the muted minimalist harmony.

Details web

Keep an eye on…

Tonin casa, an Italian interior design house, that offers artisanal quality. Their creations are audacious with contemporary style. A true match for every corner of the Scandinavian living space.

Tonin Casa web


  • Airy 25 Apr 2018

    Is this still relevant for today? Or have things changed? What I’m curious about is how this will carry out, like what will the trend be for this type of stuff?

    • Hi Airy, yes this is still relevant. These are the trends that were presented by a various interior design houses at this year’s Stockholm’s Furniture and Light Fair in February. We have seen these trends coming up and they seem to be here to stick around for a while.

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