12 Jul 2024
Interview: Introducing Nova Miller
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Interview: Introducing Nova Miller

Nova Miller is a 15-year-old artist from Stockholm with big music dreams and the talent to match. Her vocal range is an amazing five octaves and her music is filled with pop sensibilities and a rather deep message. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her music career – and she even gave us a rendition of her original Christmas tune My Perfect Christmas.


Nova Miller has been around music for her entire life, as both her parents are musicians. She started singing, playing instruments and writing songs from a very early age. Nova was just 12 when her manager discovered her at her dance school. At 13 she got to release her debut single with the fitting title Supernova.

That was a big thing for me, releasing my first single. And it’s a great base for me now that I will be releasing my EP next year, Nova says.

Nova cowrites a lot of her songs and enjoys the learning process involved with song-writing. The subjects she covers tend to be inspirational in one way or another.

I want to inspire people and I want them to feel better about themselves. This society and this world that we live in involves so much pressure. It’s horrible to see young people getting bullied and harassed every day in school and on social media. I want to be a role model and represent strength and happiness.

Nova Miller
Photo: Ulrich Schulte


Nova has personal experience of being bullied, which is why she is also doing a lot of work for anti-bullying causes and taking the issue up in her lyrics and on social media. She wants to be an uplifting and positive example for other young people going through similar things.

There’s so much pain in this world and this generation that I’m growing up in. We just need to be kinder and happier.

Beside being an inspiration to others, Nova’s big dreams for her music career would include getting to tour the world and sell out arenas.

Being a role model is the biggest goal in my life – and some Grammies on the side, Nova laughs.

Nova’s latest single So Good was released in the summer and it has been received well, having clocked up almost 750 000 streams on Spotify as of this writing.

The song is about waking up in the morning and feeling like this is going to be the best day ever – this day is going to be amazing, no matter the circumstances!

Nova also has a Christmas single out called My Perfect Christmas, which of course also has an inspirational message about the things that really matter.

Right now the young people are so focussed on material happiness. My perfect Christmas is not when I get the perfect presents or the most expensive shoes that my mom bought for me. My perfect Christmas is when everybody’s happy and when refugees have a home and food on the table.

It’s not like I’m Saint Nova or anything, but that’s what I want to represent.


Nova at Shockholm
Photo: Nina Uddin


Nova lists Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande as her biggest influences. But she also seeks inspiration from old school stuff that the current artists may have listened to when they were young – artists like Mariah Carey or James Brown or even Frank Sinatra. She’s actually had the opportunity to work with John Legend, who was impressed with the depth of her songs and the storytelling qualities in her music.

Combining school work with a rising music career can be a challenge, but Nova thinks it’s all worth it.

When I get to do what I love, it’s not hard for me to sit and do my homework late at night. My school is also very supportive of what I do and we figure things out together.

Nova has recently been featured on TV shows like the Moraeus med Mera and is scheduled to appear on SVT Barnkanalen on 3rd December and on TV4’s morning show Nyhetsmorgon on 18th December. She has also started working with Disney Channel in Sweden, which we’ll surely get to hear more about in the future.

Nova has a strong presence on social media, because that is where she feels she can get close to the people who listen to her music, and really connect with her fans. So we suggest you look her up on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

When we met up with Nova, she also took the chance to play us her inspiring Christmas song My Perfect Christmas. Check out the video below – and be sure to add the song to your Christmas playlist.



Videography and editing: Karen Pérez Guzmán
Text: Nina Uddin

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