12 Apr 2024
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YLC Interview: British actor, model and author Tommy Hatto

When he was visiting Stockholm, we had the chance to chat with British actor, model and author Tommy Hatto, who talked about his latest movie role and upcoming book, and about finding a healthier and happier balance in life.    23-year-old Tommy Hatto got into acting in a rather unexpected way. He had just left […]

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From LGBTQ protest signs to everyday wear

“I am your worst fear I am your best fantasy” is a fashion design and visual communications project created by young artist Fredrika Frykstrand. In a video interview with Your Living City she talks about the concept and motivations that took her to dig into the archives of LGBTQ protest signs and imagery from the […]

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Video interview: Daresha Kyi, co-director of Chavela at Stockholm Film Festival

Daresha Kyi visited Stockholm to present Chavela, a documentary she co-directed in partnership with Catherine Gund. Chavela marks Kyi’s comeback as a film director and not only that, Chavela has also left an indelible mark in her spirit. In this interview Daresha Kyi talks about the journey of making Chavela, how Chavela Vargas herself has become […]

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Josefine Myrberg – Making music on her own terms

We met up with Swedish singer and songwriter Josefine Myrberg to talk about her music, her inspirations and influences, and dreams for the future. Check out the video above and read on to find out more about Josefine.   Josefine Myrberg first caught our attention with her raspy voice and disarming smile on the Swedish […]

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Interview: Introducing Nova Miller

Nova Miller is a 15-year-old artist from Stockholm with big music dreams and the talent to match. Her vocal range is an amazing five octaves and her music is filled with pop sensibilities and a rather deep message. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her music career – and she even gave […]

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Amanda Mair Crafts Dreamy Pop Tunes

Amanda Mair is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter from Stockholm, who had her first breakthrough already in her teens in 2011. She is now back with new music and we took the chance to talk to her about her music. Amanda Mair says she has always been singing, basically ever since she started to talk. […]

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The benefits of running are uncountable, we’ve heard and read them all, but as far as I am concerned they are threefold: Personal development Discovering places Meeting people I don’t know about you, but for me running had always been something you do only if you’re being chased. And then I moved to Sweden. And […]

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Video Interview: American Comedian Ryan Bussell

Sweden-hating Doyle (who looks deceivingly like Your Living City‘s own Joel Sherwood) interviews American comedian Ryan Bussell, host of a show on Monday nights in Stockholm this spring called Crossfire Comedy Club. The interview does not seem to go too well,  we are not completely sure if we should let this Doyle person do any more […]

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Culture Design

Spectacular Swede: Designer and Author Anton Hörnfeldt

NYC Designer Anton Hörnfeldt is 22, moving fast, and not afraid to break the mold. YLC catches up to ask him about fashion and being Swedish in the Big Apple.

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