22 May 2024
Incredible Places to Cycle in Stockholm
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Incredible Places to Cycle in Stockholm

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Cycling is not just a way of getting around the city in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way — it is also a great way to get fit and stay healthy. (No wonder the sales of bicycles in Sweden have gone up by 20% in the last four years!) After all, it is certainly more pleasant cycling in the fresh air than sitting in a traffic jam on your commute. There are some amazing places for cycling in Stockholm where you can check out the city’s unique scenery and boost your fitness at the same time. There are places that you can take the whole family for a safe bike ride, as well as some beautifully smooth roads where you can challenge yourself with some more serious cycling.

Picturesque Strandvägen

Strandvägen (which translates as Waterfront Road) is a beautiful boulevard that is lined with trees — you can easily imagine a Woody Allen movie being shot here in autumn when the shadows are long. Through the centre of the boulevard there is a bike path that is perfect for a ride on a sunny day. You will find people of all ages enjoying Strandvägen on their bikes, especially since cycling has been proven to be such a great way to get healthy and improve your muscle strength. At Strandvägen, you can join one of the cycling for fitness classes for all abilities and ages. If you don’t have a bike, there are several places that you can rent one, including City Bikes and Rent-a-Bike.

Sprawling Hagaparken 

Just north of the city is Hagaparken in the Solna Municipality. This is an incredible green space with a large park and woods for you to explore on your bike. It is a favourite place for families who are teaching young children how to ride a bike. There is also an excellent mountain biking trail at Hagaparken. Once you reach the very top, you will find some amazing views over the city. The trail has six different routes that you can try out, and you can even compare your times with other mountain bikers on Strava. Whilst you are in the Hagaparken, make sure you check out the amazing Copper Tent, which was designed in 1787 and is completely unique.

The Royal Djurgården

Djurgården is an amazing oasis — an island in the middle of the city that is completely at one with nature. You can meander along the side of the canal, watching the birds and wildlife. There are plenty of winding paths that are enjoyed by both cyclists and joggers every day, many of which traverse through the forest areas. You can spend hours exploring Djurgården, riding by the historical buildings and monuments that attract over 10 million visitors a year. It is a great place to take a picnic too and visit some of the many museums in and around Djurgården, including the Abba Museum and the Nordic Museum.

Lindingö Bridge 

Lindingö Bridge was once for vehicles, but a new bridge was recently built over the river to accommodate new modes of transportation. Instead of demolishing the old one, this 750m bridge was given over to walkers, joggers and cyclists. It is a great place to go for a bike ride without worrying about cars. There is a clearly marked bike path that you can follow and this splits off into lots of paths that lead all over Stockholm. You can literally cycle all day long and never take the same route twice.

Cycling around Stockholm is a great way to enjoy this spectacular city and get fit at the same time. Stockholm is committed to being a bike-friendly city, and the amazing network of bike paths make it accessible to everybody.

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