22 May 2024
Australian wines for the autumn days

Australian wines for the autumn days


Your Living City was invited to try some of the wines that represent the flavours of Australia in Sweden. We were joined by Somelier Octavio Hernandez, from Monks Wine Room in Gamla Stan and asked him to make a selection of the best Australian wines to enjoy during the autumn days.

“In this windy, cold and somewhat rainy weather, having a proper wine full of flavour and aroma combined with delicious, energy-filled food, are a must in order to feel well and prepare the body towards the winter”, says Octavio Hernandez.

Here are our choices:


Battle of Bosworth
Puritan Shiraz 2015
Organic Wine, McLaren Vale
No Added Preservatives
14 % alc. 129 Sek

Black Berries, licorice and small herbal aromas.
Rich flavour of ripe fruit a hint of spice.

Goes very well with lamb dishes, juicy steaks or even better; meatballs with mashed potatoes, brown sauce and lingonberry jam!



Devil’s Corner
Pinot Noir 2014, Tasmania
13.5%      139 sek

Red currant, fresh cranberry, dark cherry aromas.
Very  juicy and youthful red fruit with some spice and fresh acidity. Elegant with high flavour.

Goes very well with  an oregano and rosemary roasted chicken and gravy, or cheeses like Cheddar, Brie, Havarti and Camembert.



Brown Brothers

Orange Muscat and Flora

Sémillon and Gewurztraminer

9 %    105 sek

Lemon, honey, spice and musk aromas.

It is sweet and refreshing, with a full-bodied and pronounced flavour intensity – it is absolutely delicious.

Excellent with desserts like apple cake with vanilla sauce, cheesecake, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, spicy food and strong cheeses.


Penfolds Bin 28

Kalimna Shiraz 2013, South Australia

14.5%  199 sek.

Intense blueberry, blackberry, mullberry fruit aromas, some mint and licorice as well as chocolate and vanilla tones.

Very rich and vigorous fleshy  black/blue berries flavour. Spicy and full-bodied, with medium sweetness and acidity, very intense and with good complexity.

Gambas al ajillo, a delicious shellfish or meat paella, lamb racks, grilled entrecote, or even a big, tasty and juicy tripple-cheese hamburger will shine. This wine goes well with great dishes and dinners. Be sure to open it 1 hour before pouring, enjoy!


Peter Lehmann

Cabernet Sauvignon , Barossa Valley

13%    114 sek. (sells from November 2016)

Blackberry, black currant elegant fruits, fresh and spicy raspberry aromas.

It has a tad of spice. Chocolate and a little bit of bitterness, well balanced, and gets better and better as the aromas and flavours open more and more.

Autumn in Sweden is  wild meat season, and this wine excels with dishes like moose gulasch, wild boar sausages or cinnamon and red wine marinated reindeer fillet with potato gratin.



Bush Vine grenache 2015 , McLaren Vale

14,5%   149 sek

Strong  beautiful raspberry, blackberry, dewberry and a hint of cinnamon  aromas. Very delicate and powerful at the same time.

Fresh and full of  flavour, youthful fruit taste. Balanced sweetness and acidity.

Prime quality grilled deer tenderloin with lingonberry jam, boeuf bourguignon and even a tasty lasagne go very well with this wine.

Octavio Hernandez

Octavio Hernandez

Chef / Sommelier

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