18 May 2024
Stars of the big and small screen at Comic Con Stockholm
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Stars of the big and small screen at Comic Con Stockholm

Alijah Wood at Comic Con Stockholm

Comic Con Stockholm 2023 was held at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö and as per usual, a number of stars from movies and TV series were in attendance. They were available for photos and autographs for those who had purchased such special tickets, and they did entertaining Q&A sessions that were open for all attendees. Mind you, getting good seats for the likes of Elijah Wood may have required quite a bit of queuing.

Eliza Taylor, best known from the series The 100

The Comic Con had moved to the bigger Älvsjömässan this year, which was a good thing since last year’s event at Kistamässan was sold out quite a bit in advance. So there was more space in the big hall for the exhibitors, as well as in the auditorium, where the Q&A sessions with the stars were held. In any case, the Comic Con Saturday was still sold out and the whole event drew a crowd of 44,000 people, so the organisers can be happy.

Karen Fukuhara, who played Katana in Suicide Squad and The Female in the Amazon Prime original series The Boys; and Erin Moriarty, known as Starlight in The Boys

As the convention was held just a few days before the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike, the Q&A’s had to be focusing on rather generalised issues, as the actors were not supposed to talk about specific movies and series they have been involved in, characters they have played, or indeed any future projects. The same went for pretty much all other movies and series that were possibly out on some streaming platform or another. Only smaller independent movies outside the scope of the strike actions were OK to talk about freely.

Chandler Riggs, best known for his role in the TV series The Walking Dead

In any case, the Swedish audience had plenty of interesting questions to ask and told their favorites how much they had liked their work “in that series that shall not be mentioned” or “that movie trilogy, name redacted”. The actors also mostly steered clear of naming their projects. Elijah Wood talked in a roundabout way about “those walking movies we filmed in New Zealand”, but actually let the name of the franchise slip once or twice, which elicited quite a bit of laughter when he caught himself at it a moment later…

Elijah Wood, forever to be known as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, aka those walking movies they filmed in New Zealand

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