22 Jun 2024
Pétur Geir Unveils “Scener från ett landskap”: A Fusion of Icelandic and Swedish Landscapes
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Pétur Geir Unveils “Scener från ett landskap”: A Fusion of Icelandic and Swedish Landscapes


The captivating art exhibition “Scener från ett landskap” by Pétur Geir Magnússon opened on Friday, July 7th, 2023, at Galleri Bellman in Södermalm, Stockholm. In collaboration with the Icelandic Embassy in Stockholm, the exhibition intertwines the beauty of Icelandic and Swedish landscapes in a modern and innovative way.

Pétur Geir’s reliefs, which bear striking resemblance to abstract paintings in the hard-edge painting style, serve as a bridge between the natural world and the realm of art. While the works draw inspiration from the raw and untamed landscapes of both Iceland and Sweden, they maintain a distinct touch of abstraction, inviting viewers to explore the commonalities, differences, and subtle nuances between these two enchanting environments.

The opening night of the exhibition took place from 16:00 to 22:00, allowing art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in Pétur’s unique artistic vision. Following the opening, the exhibition will be open during regular hours from 12:00 to 18:00, until July 13 at 22.00, providing ample opportunities for visitors to experience the captivating world created by the artist.

Pétur Geir Magnússon, born in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 1994, has a background in graphic design and visual communication from the Icelandic University of the Arts. He further honed his skills during an exchange semester at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Pétur has already established himself as a promising artist, having held two successful solo exhibitions in Iceland, namely “Lágmyndir – endurkoma” in 2021 and “Annarskonar Annaspann” in 2022. Additionally, his artworks have been showcased in group exhibitions across Europe, including Amsterdam, Milan, and Brussels. Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, Pétur continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression through his multidisciplinary approach.

Exploring the intersection between painting and sculpture, art and design, craftsmanship, and modern technology, Pétur’s work is a testament to his innovative spirit. His reliefs highlight the interplay of light and shadow, shapes, and colors, creating a sense of movement and depth within each artwork. With a keen focus on materials, Pétur experiments with wood, concrete, and plastic, harnessing the potential of modern technology such as laser cutters, computerized CNC machines, and 3D printing to shape and manipulate these mediums.

In “Scener från ett landskap”, Pétur delves into the concept of landscape, particularly the Icelandic landscape. Many Icelandic artists, including Pétur himself, have contemplated the unique nature of the Icelandic environment and its profound influence on national identity. Through his art, Pétur seeks to unravel the complexities of what makes a landscape truly Icelandic or Swedish, exploring the intricate relationship between nationality and the artistic process.

As guests venture into Pétur Geir’s exhibition, they embark on a visual journey that invites them to contemplate the captivating landscapes of Iceland and Sweden. The artist’s ability to merge these distinct environments while preserving their individual essence is a testament to his artistic talent and thought-provoking exploration of the concept of landscape.

Grétar Þór Sigurðsson, art critic and writer, reflects on Pétur Geir’s artistic process and the profound questions it poses about nationality and landscape. By blending motifs from both Icelandic and Swedish nature, Pétur Geir allows viewers to embark on a contemplative exploration of these landscapes, inviting them to discover the common threads that connect us to our natural surroundings.

“Scener från ett landskap” promises to be an immersive and thought-provoking experience, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty and significance of landscapes in the realm of art. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Pétur Geir’s remarkable artistic vision and embark on a journey that transcends geographical boundaries.

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