18 May 2024
Reader Giveaway: Wijnjas – dinner for two
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Reader Giveaway: Wijnjas – dinner for two

Wijnjas turns dinner into a celebration. We’ve been there for romantic dates; we’ve gone with a party of 60 and we’ve gone with a parent group, prams easily fitting in their cavernous rooms. Whilst they offer an extensive menu, each time our orders have been the same: ‘Cheese Please’.


For Wijnjas has between 70 to 80 types of cheese on offer and they match these delicacies with their other speciality: wine, of which they stock over 240 vintages. During the summer, the owners and workers have the hard task of wandering through the regions of France, Italy, Spain, Germany and picking out the best cheese and wines from hundreds of producers. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. And the beneficiaries are their customers, who get to sample the best of them together.

The best way to do this is through their Ostbuffé, 25 different types of cheese accompanied by gorgeous cold cuts from the charcuterie, along with bread and home-made marmelade. Coffee and chocolates follow. To take this to the next level, it’s a great idea to add the vinpaket, where wines are selected to match the cheeses of the day beautifully. All the cheese and wines are introduced and explained, so if you weren’t sure what the difference between a Brie and a Camembert was before the evening, you certainly will after. Dinner and an education in one.

If you’re not a cheese lover (and I’m not sure we can be friends if this is so), there are, of course, other options. Seafood platters, Duck with truffles – all sorts of mouthwatering delights grace the menu at Wijnjas. They also offer themed ‘tasting days’, where you can sample wines from a particular region, catch up with like-minded people at an after-work event and listen to experts expanding (literally) on the benefits of cheese.

Wijnjas can seat up to 165 people altogether, spread over 7 rooms in an underground cellar. Whether it’s a date for two or a wedding party, this is THE place to indulge.


We have a winner in our reader giveaway! Patsy wins a romantic date for two sampling 9 types of cheese complete with wine, or any meal up to the value of 930 SEK in total!

Her winning entry had us in stitches (cheesus, we are so immature, har har har!) and can be read below!





  • J. Kessler 20 Sep 2013

    Q: What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory?

    A: All that was left was de brie.

  • Patsy 20 Sep 2013

    Not a joke, but this made me laugh:

    Sweet dreams are made of cheese

    Who am I to diss a Brie

    I cheddar the world and the feta cheese

    Everybody’s looking for Stilton


  • Glenn Stubbs 20 Sep 2013

    What did the Cheese salesman say?

    That cheese may be Gouda, but this one is Feta

  • Debra Parlor 20 Sep 2013

    Why did the cheese look sane?

    Because everyone else on the plate was crackers!

  • Ben Murphy 21 Sep 2013

    Q: What does the cheese say to itself in the mirror?

    A: Halloumi!

  • wilma 26 Sep 2013

    Why does cheese look sane? Everyone else on the plate is crackers…

  • Lori 26 Sep 2013

    What dance do cheese makers do every halloween? The muenster mash!

  • Lori 26 Sep 2013

    What dance do cheese makers do every halloween?

    The muenster mash!

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