25 Jul 2024
ICEBAR: Arctic Celebrations Before Winter Hits Stockholm
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ICEBAR: Arctic Celebrations Before Winter Hits Stockholm

ICEBAR 2017 - Kalle Ekeroth, John Pettersson, Tjåsa Lucia Gusfors, Jon Nilsson, Mats Nilsson ,Mattias Eriksson.

Did you and your loving partner fall in love while skiing on the snow covered mountainous slopes in Queenstown, New Zealand or the high ranges in Tasmania, Australia around this time of the year? And work has led the both of you to set up home in vibrant Stockholm when it is time to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary? Or cupid had struck during a wintry holiday way up north of Sweden?

If you wish to relive those heart warming lovey-dovey moments in a setting reminiscent of the sub arctic climate and geographical terrain without having to fly half way round the world back down under right now or wait for the European winter to arrive, ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm can more than live up to your expectations.

Located in Vasaplan 4, the world’s first permanent ice bar since 2002 has its crispy cold interior designed with yearly renewed masses of ice from the arctic Torne River in northern Sweden; with quite a number of huge blocks carved into art works by skilled ice sculptors from ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi; all thematically changed annually.

This year’s theme is River to River, where the ice sculptures draw you to follow the way of the Torne River’s dancing waters through the seasons: from the human harvest of blocks of ice and the yearly craftsmanship of constructing the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi and ICEBARs all over the world till the point when the ice turns yet again to water.

Open all year round by keeping a constant temperature of -7 degrees Celsius, ICEBAR’s walls, bar counters, tables and stools are carved from massive blocks of Torne River ice too. Even the theme-inspired annually changing colourful alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are served in glasses of solid ice: you are literally sipping your drinks on the rocks!

Your couple’s pre-booked unique tete-a-tete in the heart of Stockholm over icy cold cocktails and ice art in 40 minutes of selfie worthy moments in this slice of northern Sweden’s polar magic can then be beautifully culminated by a cozy dinner at the establishment’s comfortable restaurant HEARTS next door.

Open, social and welcoming, the eatery serves up equally comforting Italian meets American eats; with a very tasty range of burgers and pizzas that bring distinctively to mind the log fire snug rustic settings of a number of ski lodges in Kiwi and Aussie lands, or of roughing out a meal in a tent ferociously beaten by bitterly icy northern Swedish winds.

If you wish to throw a 10th wedding anniversary bash instead, you can invite up to 58 guests to a booked private event at ICEBAR, with staff ever willing to bend over to satisfy all your whims and fantasies revolving round the thrilling freeze of the Arctic pole. Should you wish to additionally center it around another one-of-a-kind experience up to 40 of you can memorably share, it can specially arrange a session of trying your own hands at ice sculpting your wedding anniversary cake display!

Using blocks of ice from the Torne River, an experienced ice artist from northern Sweden’s original ICEHOTEL will guide you and your guests to create ice art out by ICEBAR Stockholm’s backyard while competitively working together in teams – all within 60 minutes that then gets capped by the winning team getting saluted with raised ice glasses of cocktails back inside ICEBAR. And of course, the extra special rounds of toastings to wish you even more everlasting years of lovingly living with your faithful partner too!

Worried that some of your guests lack freezing arctic wears to attend your anniversary do? Don’t. ICEBAR has enough warm coats and thick gloves for all to rug up before stepping into the surreal experience of looking at, playing with, sitting on and drinking from northern Sweden’s Torne River ice right in the summer heat in central Stockholm!


Photo credit: ICEBAR Stockholm

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