29 May 2024
Exquisite Art and Culinary Fusion at YUC LatAsian: Miss Myagi’s Second Expo of the Year
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Exquisite Art and Culinary Fusion at YUC LatAsian: Miss Myagi’s Second Expo of the Year

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Art enthusiasts and food connoisseurs gathered at the renowned YUC LatAsian, located on Jakobsbergsgatan 27, to attend a fabulous art opening. The spotlight was on the contemporary graffiti artist Miss Myagi, who showcased her second exhibition of the year in collaboration with YUC.

YUC is known for its exceptional fusion of Latin American and Asian cuisine, making it the perfect venue for this artistic affair. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a delightful blend of drinks, art, mingling with friends, and live performances, setting the stage for a truly memorable evening.

To honor the occasion, the talented chef at YUC curated a special three-course menu exclusively for the event. For only SEK 299, attendees indulged in a culinary journey that started with Edamame beans, followed by the flavorful Korean Fried Chicken. The main course, Bibimbap sharing style with a side of pork, delighted taste buds with its harmonious blend of Asian flavors. The meal concluded with a delectable Coconut Sorbet featuring rum-marinated pineapple, leaving guests thoroughly satisfied.

Malin Myagi, the contemporary graffiti artist behind the captivating artworks on display, describes her art as “visual communication.” Her work is driven by storytelling, aiming to establish connections and evoke emotions in others. Myagi’s vibrant pieces embody a captivating mix of “sweet and salty,” combining humor with a touch of seriousness that resonates with viewers.

Each artwork exhibited at YUC is not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious. Myagi emphasizes sustainability by employing sustainable materials, LED technology, and plexiglass in her creations. Many of the paintings featured are reworked works from 2020, adding an element of evolution and transformation to the collection. Guests were in for a treat as they discovered hidden surprises within the exhibition, further enhancing their artistic experience.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Miss Myagi has teamed up with Lingon Cerificates to bring her art into the digital realm. All of her works are registered as “NFT art” on the blockchain, accompanied by a digital certificate of authenticity. This innovative approach ensures proof of ownership and adds an extra layer of uniqueness to the artworks, further enriching the storytelling aspect.

The art opening at YUC LatAsian, with Miss Myagi’s extraordinary exhibition, was a testament to the power of artistic expression and culinary delight. Guests left the event with hearts and stomachs full, having experienced the fusion of flavors and creativity in an unforgettable way. The exhibition is ongoing, welcome to go have a look for yourself.

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