21 May 2024
YLC Christmas Giveaway: Lost in Translation
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YLC Christmas Giveaway: Lost in Translation

Come and brighten up your mellandagarna with Stockholm improv comedy show Lost in Translation! Win tickets to the show Dec 27th at 19.00 (or any show this spring)!


Lost in Translation is the improv show that puts the experience of living in Sweden as a foreigner on stage. After completely selling out fourteen shows this fall, the hit show is entering its fourth season and has thirteen more dates set.

The improvised comedy show focuses on the experience of living in Sweden as a foreigner. Swedes, foreigners and our many cultural differences are put on stage in a forum where we can not only laugh at them, but also try and understand them better.

The show is completely improvised and driven by audience suggestion. The audiences have been extremely diverse hosting people from 15 to 25 different countries every show. All audience members are encouraged to offer inspiration to the actors revolving around Sweden and often relationships between Swedes and foreigners.


If all this has got you in the mood for some laughter, please fill in our survey for the chance to win tickets to Lost in Translation. Once you have filled in the survey, you just need to tell us your best Christmas joke in the comments; you must do both for the chance to win!

If you have already filled in the survey to win something earlier, all you need to do is tell us is your best holiday season joke in the comments* – easy-peasy!

This competition is now closed.


Didn’t win? Go to the Lost in Translation, Stockholm website to book tickets to this brilliant show! 

Fine print:

Tickets are for 4 seats (a total of 2 pairs of which 1 pair per winner). These cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Entrants must complete the survey and fill in the comments box to win.

Winners will be drawn at random by the YLC management

*Survey only needs to be completed once; then readers are entitled to enter all give-aways


  • Carrie Allard-Levinson 8 Dec 2013

    Q: What do elves learn in school?

    A: The Elf-abet!

  • Aliki 8 Dec 2013

    How did the snowman get to school? On his Icicle!

  • J. 8 Dec 2013

    What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

    The Christmas alphabet has Noel.

  • Lindsay 8 Dec 2013

    Why is it cold on Christmas? …….

    Because it’s December!

  • Rankitka 9 Dec 2013

    What is Claustrophobia?

    The fear of Santa Claus.hehehe : )

  • Aliki 9 Dec 2013

    Oh how fab!! THANK YOU YLC! :-))

  • Carrie Allard-Levinson 9 Dec 2013

    Yay! Thanks, YLC! 🙂

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