28 May 2024
josh lenn
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A Place To Be You – Improv in Stockholm

Josh Lenn from International Theater Stockholm tells how improv helped him connect with people in Stockholm and how it’s all grown into a vibrant community. Moving to Sweden from San Francisco seven years ago was a huge challenge for me. Leaving the community I had behind and not understanding the Swedish cultural codes, at times […]

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Creative Arts Culture

Taking Differences to the Stage: International Theater

Are you ready to let go of all that new-found Swedish reserve and just go for it? Stockholm has a new international theatre with shows, classes, corporate workshops. The best part? It’s all in English. IT’S, International Theater Stockholm, offers shows, classes and corporate workshops in English. they aim to provide an open and international […]

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Creative Arts

YLC Christmas Giveaway: Lost in Translation

Come and brighten up your mellandagarna with Stockholm improv comedy show Lost in Translation! Win tickets to the show Dec 27th at 19.00 (or any show this spring)! Lost in Translation is the improv show that puts the experience of living in Sweden as a foreigner on stage. After completely selling out fourteen shows this fall, […]

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Creative Arts Culture What's on: Stockholm

‘Lost in Translation’: the improv comedy show

Does living in Sweden feel overwhelming, confusing and frustrating sometimes? Turns out you’re not alone!

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