17 Apr 2024
Frog for Valentine
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Frog for Valentine

One of the easiest ways to familiarize yourself with the Swedish language is probably to read a picture book (or watch a Swedish animated film for children with subtitles).

This is one of my favourite books, although it isn’t originally Swedish (it’s Dutch), it has been published both in Sweden and the UK, so if you find yourself struggling…

Frog (Groda) is a rather famous and lovable character, created by author and illustrator Max Velthuijs. The Frog titles have been translated into over 50 languages and Max Velthuijs won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 2004.

This particular story starts with Frog feeling strange. He is worried about his health. His heart is beating too fast, he feels warm and then cold again… Hare says that he must be in love. Frog sets out to find out who he is in love with, and it turns out to be… Duck!

‘ A frog can’t be in love with a duck. You’re green and she’s white.’

But Frog doesn’t care. Green and white. There are no boundaries when it comes to love!

It’s a wonderful warm story, great to read to your children all year round. To enjoy together, talk about what love means, and get rid of some prejudices.

But right now, with Valentine’s day on the doorstep, it might make for a nice gift to someone who wants to learn Swedish?

Get cracking right away with this little summary…

“En groda kan inte vara kär i en anka”, sa Grisen. “Du är ju grön och hon är vit. ” Men det bryr sig inte Grodan om. Han uppvaktar Ankan med blommor, fina teckningar och andra presenter. Det går trögt. Inte förrän Grodan bestämmer sig för att slå världsrekord i höjdhopp blir Ankan riktigt intresserad. Och alltsedan den dagen älskar de varandra innerligt. En groda och en anka grön och vit. Kärleken vet inga gränser.

Age: 3 and up

Author: Max Velthuijs

Original title: Kikker is verliefd / Swedish: Grodan och kärleken

UK publisher: Andersen Press

Swedish publisher: Berghs Verlag

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