21 Jun 2024
Stockholm Film Festival’s inaugural gala
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Stockholm Film Festival’s inaugural gala

Stockholm film festival november inagurual gala

The Stockholm International Film Festival had its inaugural Gala at the Skandia cinema on November 9th.

The red carpet was rolled out for actors and directors, and Your Living City was there. Watch our video to see some of the elegant personalities that walked the carpet.

One of the most anticipated happenings of the night was the premiere of “Boy from Heaven” and the movie’s leading actor, Fares Fares and director, Tarik Saleh, together with the Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand had the honour of cutting the famous film strip to officially inaugurate this year’s Stockholm Film Festival.

The Film Festival’s director Git Scheynius gave a welcoming speech in which she announced that there will be 40 film directors attending the festival. She also spoke about this year’s focus country, Ukraine.

Git Scheynius‘ speech was followed by a message from Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, who thanked the Stockholm Film Festival for aiming the spotlight on Ukraine’s cinema and for also refusing the entry of films from the aggressor country. She also spoke of how some of the horrors the people in her country used to believe belonged in films are now being experienced in real life.

The night proceed with a celebration of film and with the hopes that maybe film can change the way we perceive each other between different countries, and maybe it will bring us together in understanding that despite the differences we are all just one.

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