22 Jun 2024
Walking the dog the fun way: Stockholm’s dog friendly cafes and restaurants
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Walking the dog the fun way: Stockholm’s dog friendly cafes and restaurants

Dog Friendly Himmelska Hundar

Our dogs are not just good company, for many of us they truly become like friends, or like family members. We would like to be around them all the time, also when we go out for a coffee, a meal or even a beer and enjoy the weather on a nice and sunny day. So why should they stay behind?

Here in Stockholm there’s an array of coffee shops and restaurants where our furry friends are allowed in just as much as out. They welcome the dogs with a clap and a little bit of water. There are even places where they can choose a “scooby-snack” out of their own dog menu, meet new four-legged buddies and celebrate their birthdays.

Let’s have a look at a couple of our favourite dog-friendly places around town and decide where to go next.

My personal favourite is: Skrovet, Hammarby Slussväg 17

Here you can sit right by the waterside and watch the sunset whilst enjoying dinner or a glass of wine for you and bowl of water for your dog.

Dog Friendly Skrovet
Dog-friendly Skrovet

Enjoy the view at: Mosebacketerrassen, Mosebacke Torg 3

They have a corner with bowls for water and food called ¨Dog bar¨ and they also have a bar for you so that you can both sit down under the sun, weather permitting, and have something refreshing while enjoying one of the best views over the city.

Dog Friendly Mossebacke
Dog-friendly Mosebacketerrassen


Our top recommendation has to be: Himmelska Hundar, Hedinsgatan 13

Here the dogs wonder around freely and walk to the bar to have their order taken, since they have a dog menu as well. Is it your dog’s birthday? You can also organise a birthday party there with a meaty cake for them and some bubbly for you.

Dog Friendly Himmleska Hundar
Dog-friendly Himmelska Hundar

In for something sweet?: Gilda’s Rum, Skånegatan 79

With delicious cakes, coffee, tea and rich salads you can sit inside if the sun is shy and keep cozy on one of their sofas with your dog next to you.

Tea time always at: Café Foam, Karlavägen 75

This Östermalm cafe and restaurant allows dogs both outside and inside in a part of the inner restaurant as well.

Right in the heart of Söder: Götgatan Stories, Skrapan, Götgatan 78

Don’t miss out a second of the SoFo life and have lunch whilst you sit in with your dog peeking through their huge windows over Götgatan.

Something when you’re hungry: Harvest home, Bondegatan 60

Have a date with your barking friend and go taste a good piece of meat or a burger. Their wide beer variety is also pretty impressive.

A restaurant with heart: Under Kastanjen, Kindstugatan 1

They welcome dogs in one part of the restaurant and also support the work of Swedish Animal Ambulance. And they are also known for their delicious gluten-free treats.

Meet Loke: Lokes bar, Bondegatan 57

The restaurant owes its name to the 10 year old miniature Schnauzer, who sits by the bar and welcomes both dogs and their owners when they come to eat.

The Italiana way: Il caffe, Bergsgatan 17

Have a caffe machiato, a panino or a croissant and sit inside or outside. You and your friend with the waving tail will be welcomed too.

Stockholm's has many dog friendly restaurants
Stockholm has many dog-friendly restaurants

Perfect for the weekend: Loopen, Hornstulls Strand 6

If that walk by the water in Hornstull made you and your dog a bit hungry or thirsty, make a pit stop, grab a beer and a bite for you and pick something from the dog-menu for the four-legged one, then sit under the sun.

Couldn’t make it to the theatre?: Brasserie Elverket, Linnégatan 69

Doesn’t matter, you and your dog can still visit this restaurant, which is hosted within Dramaten’s filial stage. You can have a lunch or dinner here, dogs are very welcome.

Something about that coffee: Mellqvist Kaffebar, Rörstrandsgatan 4

Famous for their coffee (and for being Mikael Blomkvist’s favorite haunt in the Millenium series). Worth fighting for that free table and spending a while there enjoying a chunky sandwich. Doggies can sit inside as well.

In or out: Babylon, Björns trädgårdsgränd 4

Have a glass of wine outside or some delicious meat dish inside. It’s hard to decide with such a charming atmosphere.

Creative and atmospheric: Två Små Svin, Årstavägen 49

Sit outside and go up or down, on the stones, cushions or at the table. This place has a unique decor both outside and inside. Totally recommend their pear pie with vanilla ice cream.

Music matters: Snotty, Skånegatan 90

Not a conventional place, here the music is even on the walls. You can have a beer in Fido’s company whilst you listen to some underground tunes and spend some time figuring out who’s who on all the film and music posters that cover the bar’s walls.


Even if you don’t have a dog, going to one of this places will give you the chance to spend some time surrounded by cuddle-craving dogs, which will for sure cheer you up any day. And just remember, the next time your dog-owner friends bring up the excuse that they cannot meet up to go grab that beer with you, because they don’t know who to leave the dog with… Now you know there are plenty of options for places you can all go to. No excuses anymore…

Emma and Marley at Dog Friendly  Två Små Svin
Emma and Marley at dog-friendly Två Små Svin


  • Maria 11 Jun 2017

    Absolutely superb..!!!.. thanks a lot …!!!… I’m travelling next week with my husband & the four legs love of or life, Ginger and we didn’t know anything… thanks to u… we know a lot…!!!!!

  • Tamara 5 Jul 2017

    Oh wow, this is amazing. First time with our sweet dog on holiday and everyone kept telling me dogs are not allowed in restaurants, bars etc. Now I found this site. So grateful. Thank you.

    I’m still looking for a good hotel or appartement in Stockholm for my two children and my dog the summer. Feel free to share your favorite place(s)… 🙂

    • It’s great to hear you found this article helpful. I hope you all enjoy Stockholm!
      Check for Airbnb apartments in Södermalm, you might find good options there.

  • Nicky 29 Aug 2018

    Thanks so much for this!!

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