21 Jun 2024
Pimp My House – Halloween Edition
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Pimp My House – Halloween Edition

The time of silly decoration and just having fun finally has arrived, and that is why I go as extreme as possible when it comes to decorating for Halloween. And guess what? I think by doing this I finally discovered the secret of getting some expressions on the Swedish faces that walk past my place. Yes, you read right, they actually had facial expressions… some laughed, some were confused and some others even talked to me. So you see, I killed two birds with one stone.

So l started by picking a theme, and like I’ve said before, I always try to recycle… So I’m not quite sure why, but I found in my belongings a gigantic spider, which was perfect for my outdoor decoration.

Then I found this amazing material called “kludd”. It is like a gum that sticks pretty much anything on to everything without causing any damage. So I used this to stick some small spiders crawling on the outside wall of the house. This really makes a big impact on the overall impression of the house. Some people like it and some people don’t, but that is exactly the point.

Because I wanted to have an interactive point, I found this human-sized witch, which upon detecting movement starts talking and shines some light from the eyes. It can actually get very spooky and that is exactly what we want, spookiness!

Also to get some awkward but cool decoration details, I added some roses with skeletons and eyes. Rather than scary they look cute and complement the whole setup.

And just because there are some people who still just won’t get what this is all bout, I added the traditional and make-it-obvious pumpkins and a Happy Halloween sign. This way we can be clear that, yes there are weirdos living in the house, but they’re alright, they’re not the creepy kind!

I wish you a very Happy Halloween!!!

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  • Alejandra 26 Oct 2018

    Wow! it’s amazing! i never thought in decorate my house before but now that i have a child i need ideas!

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