18 May 2024
No Stockholm Halloween without Shockholm
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No Stockholm Halloween without Shockholm

Shockholm Bill and Anna

Shockholm was back in Kungsträdgården for the 13th edition of Scandinavia’s biggest Halloween parade. The weather may have offered your typical November gloom and darkness, but the Halloween spectacle offered light and joy that brought smiles to the children’s faces.

Here are some of our pictures from the Shockholm stage show and costume contest

Sire Shockington came to greet the people
Voices of Ukraine
Valkyrie brought the fire
Anna Jois was hosting
Twizz the Klown wielded the guitar

Swords of Fire in action

The youngest and cutest of the costume contest
Plenty of participants in the 5-9 year olds category of the costume contest
The purple balloon Minion
From the 10-19 year olds category
Cool girls from the 20-34 year old category
From the 35+ category
Even the dogs had their day with the Haunted Doge costume contest

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