16 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Hearts on Fire at Shockholm
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In Pictures: Hearts on Fire at Shockholm

The Shockholm Halloween Parade was held at Medborgarplatsen this year (very much hoping for a return to Kungsträdgården next year) and the rain put a bit of damper on the celebrations, but the festivities went on with the Kostume Kontest and the parade itself, as well as some show numbers. As always, the event gave good vibes of happiness and hope, but what else would you expect with the burning hearts of the organisers.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from Shockhom 2022.

Anna Jois hosting as the Queen of Dreams
Sire Shockington reaching to the tree tops
Pirates fight fire with fire
Bridie and her group in J-pop inspired outfits
Laser hands
No Jantelagen recognised here, says Aunty Jante, or was it Anti-Jante?
A few of the many Kostume Kontest kompetitors
Audience voting by cheering on their favorite costumes
Scary-looking but kind clown
Winner of the 5-9 years age group
Winning costumes in the teenager group
Winning costume among the young adults
Winners of the 35+ category and Best in Show
Shockholm founder Bill Schacht singing Let it Burn
Burning Heart for the finale

All photos: Nina Uddin

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