18 May 2024
How to Find Student Housing in Stockholm
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How to Find Student Housing in Stockholm

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Living independently is a valuable skill that every person should develop. It is especially useful for students who are accustomed to living with their parents. This helps to gain new emotional independence and also to develop effective communication and life management skills. Student housing is an excellent place to do so and make new friends from all over the world.

Stockholm is a multicultural city with a wide range of opportunities for professionals. As a result, many students come here to study. This desire has resulted in high demand for student housing, which is significantly less expensive than renting an apartment. So, where can a student look for such a place to stay?

How do I find my student accommodation in Sweden?

Stockholm is a fantastic city for students to live in. It is an opportunity to gain not only a prestigious education but also valuable independent living experience. Stockholm hosts a variety of events that allow you to learn about the culture and traditions of both the city and the country as a whole, which is essential for specialists who plan to stay here.

It is ideal if you have friends in Stockholm who can recommend apartments for rent near their homes. However, the majority of international students do not have anyone to seek such advice.

It may also happen that you decide to come, check into a hotel, and then seek housing options upon arrival. If you are combining studies with essay writing with the assistance of custom writing services such as Trust My Paper, you will be left with little free time. But the only way to find student housing is to start looking right away. So, where should you look for it in Stockholm?


If your university is a member of the Stockholm Students Central Organisation (Stockholms Studentkårer, SSCO), you can apply for student housing through Stockholms Studentbostäder. If it is not linked with SSCO, you need to apply for student housing privately.

Svenska Studenthus

Svenska Studenthus is a website where you can find many options for student housing. Furthermore, this website is nearly universal, as it provides accommodation not only in Stockholm but also in other cities.


Blocket is another website that lists a variety of ads for housing options in Stockholm, and you can also place your own Housing Wanted ad.

Facebook and other social networks

Without a doubt, social media is one of the best places to find an apartment and even potential roommates. There are many public communities that have Facebook groups. They not only share information about recent events at their institution, but also offer advice to first-year students.

Property manager services

If none of the above sources provided a suitable solution, you can seek the help of a property manager. However, be prepared to wait because there is usually a long line.

Rent a sublet

This is a popular choice among international students. You can find one by using sublet lease websites like Qasa. When selecting this option, be cautious because there are many scammers out there looking for free money.

As a result, double-check everything (including apartment images and reviews of the landlord) before paying money. Also, sign a lease with a landlord and request a receipt.

Educational establishment support service

Another option for both native and international students looking for housing is to inquire at the educational institution where they will be studying. In most cases, they reserve a number of rooms in their dormitories for new students.

How much is student housing in Stockholm?

When it comes to discussing prices, students often feel puzzled. Every day, they deal with a variety of paid tasks, such as transportation, using writing services such as SupremeDissertations, purchasing stationery and books, etc. They do not have much free money. As a result, the cost of housing is always an issue.

The cost of a students’ housing usually depends on several factors, including:

  • Location;
  • Size;
  • Availability of extra amenities (e.g., dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).

Many student housing options are fully furnished. As a result, you will not have to go over budget when buying a bed or a table.

It is also worth noting that housing in the city centre is prohibitively expensive (from €650 per month). To save money, look for alternatives in your area. Renting a room in an apartment will allow you to save even more money. In Stockholm, the monthly cost of such an option begins at €450.

Finding and renting accommodation in Stockholm is a difficult task. However, by following our advice, you can make the search for the most appropriate accommodation a little more comfortable and faster. If you are used to living in luxury, be prepared to pay a high price for it, which is not entirely advisable. As a result, prioritize options with a convenient traffic interchange and quick access to all necessary points.

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