21 Jun 2024
Monika Lipanovich
Art Culture


Sōdermalm based gallery – Studio 44 opened a new art exhibition last Friday – video installations by Katarzyna Piorek. Born

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Community Health

Make the best out of life by letting go

Sometimes in life we feel just stuck. It may be a difficult, temporary situation where we cannot see any light.

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Culture Festivals Music

Rosendal Garden Party – Little Glasto

Summer has already started in Stockholm and festival season is thriving. Or, I would say blossoming, if we refer to

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Featured Movies

Interview: Göran Lundström on Creating Movie Magic

I met Göran Lundström in London where he has been working a lot over the past few years. He was

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Hockey Sports and Fitness Sportswear Videos

Modern gladiators – or ice hockey from a very female perspective

It’s rather hard to keep your mind on this quintessentially winter sport while sitting on the balcony on this beautiful

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French artist Alex Colard on his ‘Secret Exhibition’

Meeting Alex Colard in one of these cool, secret locations that are “not for tourists”. High Definition is a luxurious,

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Music Videos

Stockholm loves Alex Cameron

Warning: it is going to be probably the most partial article I’ve ever committed. But let me excuse myself –

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