12 Apr 2024
Stockholm loves Alex Cameron
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Stockholm loves Alex Cameron

​​Stockholm loves Alex Cameron

Warning: it is going to be probably the most partial article I’ve ever committed. But let me excuse myself – I’m  coming from London where I have experienced a rather harsh lockdown, which impacted me socially as much as the other fellow Londoners (and not just!). I am not going to use this space to complain, yet please be aware. So being part of the crowd of almost a thousand fans of your newly discovered favorite artist, was simply overwhelming.

I never heard of Alex Cameron until my wonderful friend Linda introduced me to his music and very compelling videoclips. Some days you need nothing else but something new and uplifting to listen to. You know, like on the winter days in Sweden for instance 😉 It was a few weeks back and I became an instant zealot. Yes, a zealot, a dedicated follower. Ever since, I start my days with his cheerful tones. I don’t even know how to describe the genre, but let’s call it just happy music, even though the lyrics aren’t always hyper optimistic and they can sometimes be controversial. Alex nails it with his great dive into misogyny, and exposing it with quirky lines, great synth melodies, and just a great knack for getting satire across. He’s trying to be likeable, just in his own way, which is always accessible no matter which album it is. He is also known for his ugly dances, but it makes him unique.

Since Linda informed me that this Australian artist is coming to sing in Stockholm, and that she has tickets for us, I couldn’t wait to see him live. And now I can tell you, it was way better than I had expected. The breathtakingly beautiful ballroom at Berns was almost full. We came earlier and managed to get a pretty good spot close to the stage, as you can see on the attached videos. On this occasion, forgive me for the shaky footage, but at least you know that people were dancing, singing and enjoying the performance. Stockholm seemed to love him and it was obvious that there was a great connection between the artist and the audience. Alex Cameron is definitely a stage animal, but still humble. 

The band played all the greatest hits including Miami Memory from his album of the same title. But the gig promoted his newest album written and recorded during the pandemic, which is called Oxy Music. Even though in some interviews he talks about covid and the psychological trauma it caused around the world and to him personally, the music does not seem affected by the C word. Kudos to Cameron for shoring up his strength and providing us with such a bold venture. And thank you Linda, for such a fantastic unforgettable feast for my ears! 
The tour kicked off in March in the Netherlands and Cameron is performing in major cities such as Paris, Berlin, and London before flying to the States. The tour will wrap up in June in Barcelona. Find the full list of dates below.

New songs- Oxy Music album: 01 Best Life 02 Sara Jo 03 Prescription Refill 04 Hold the Line 05 Breakdown 06 K Hole 07 Dead Eyes 08 Cancel Culture [ft. Lloyd Vines] 09 Oxy Music [ft. Jason Williamson]

04-04 Stockholm, Sweden – Berns

04-05 Oslo, Norway – Cosmopolite

04-07 Hamburg, Germany – Molotow

04-08 Brussels, Belgium – Botanique (Orangerie)

04-10 Nottingham, England – Rescue Rooms

04-11 Glasgow, Scotland – St Luke’s

04-13 Newcastle, England – NUSU

04-14 Manchester, England – Gorilla

04-16 Dublin, Ireland – Grand Social

04-17 Dublin, Ireland – Grand Social

04-19 Bristol, England – Trinity

04-20 Brighton, England – Concorde 2

04-22 London, England – EartH

04-28 Los Angeles, CA – The Belasco

04-30 Columbus, OH – SoupFest 2022

05-07 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall

05-08 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue

05-09 Detroit, MI – El Club

05-12 Toronto, Ontario – The Axis Club

05-13 Montreal, Quebec – Ausgang Plaza

05-14 Burlington, VT – Waking Windows

05-15 New Haven, CT – Space Ballroom

05-17 Boston, MA – The Sinclair

05-18 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s

05-19 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s

05-20 Washington, D.C. – Black Cat

05-21 New York, NY – Webster Hall

06-05 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera a la Ciutat (Razzmatazz 2)

06-09 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound

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