29 May 2024
Eurovision stars at the Stockholm pre-party
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Eurovision stars at the Stockholm pre-party

Eurovision stars have been doing the pre-party circuit ahead of the main event in Malmö in May. A total of 14 of this year’s ESC participants came to the Nordic Eurovision Part in Stockholm at Berns, joined by a few other fan favorites from previous years.

Here are our favorite pictures from when the artists met with the press.


Spanish rockers Megara (representing San Marino) were clearly the most fun to photograph of the whole lot. They bring the black and pink aesthetic to the stage for 11:11, and if you don’t like it, they’ll probably just be like me la pela.

Switzerland’s Nemo is one of the biggest winner candidates ahead of the live performances in Malmö. The song incorporates everything from opera to rap, so the versatility and the talent of this artist are evident. Let’s see if Nemo has managed to crack The Code, so they can emerge victorious.

Sweden’s own, or should we say borrowed (from Norway) representatives Marcus & Martinus are hoping their number at the ESC stage will be Unforgettable enough to gain points from the audience as well as the juries. The odds are putting them only at number 15 ahead of the competition.

Austria’s lovely dancing queen Kaleen is bringing the rave party and the accompanying dance moves to the Eurovision stage. The song is catchy and the dance energy is definitely there, so it’s a given that We Will Rave.

Estonia’s hugely popular rap group 5Miinust joins forces with the folk duo Puuluup for Eurovision to bring a fun and energetic entry. We still haven’t learned to say the whole title of the song by heart, but can you blame us, when it’s: (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – the longest song title at Eurovision ever! In any case, prepare to be entertained and pay attention to those hiiu kannel or bowed harps.

Finland’s Windows95Man and Henri Piispanen bring the party with No Rules. The staging is pure madness and the song may get stuck in your head even if you don’t want that, so consider yourself warned.

Slovenia’s Raiven brings an artistic and powerful entry with Veronika. Remains to be seen if her visuals are strong enough to make it to the final, as the song is something that may require more than one listen to have an impact.

Czechia’s Aiko is willing to love herself more and put herself on a Pedestal, maybe we should learn a thing or two from that sentiment. Unfortunately it looks like it will be difficult for her to make it through from the semi-final.

Albania’s Besa promises to be brave like a Titan, but we can’t help but think it might have felt more powerful is she had kept the lyrics in Albanian as in the original version.

Iceland’s Eurovision legend (from 2010) Hera Björk is back on the Eurovision stage. She ain’t Scared of Heights, but we’re afraid the final will be out of her reach.

Latvia’s Dons brings a gentle smile and a big ballad, but his hopes of victory are rather Hollow.

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