15 Jul 2024
Songs of Joy – Choirs are a way of life for many in Sweden
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Songs of Joy – Choirs are a way of life for many in Sweden

Choir singing is very popular in Sweden, and for many it’s a way of life. Being a part of a choir requires of course love for the music. But possibly the most positive thing about being a member of a choir group is that it is easier to make new friends who share the same passion, filling the souls with special emotions, especially when an audience erupts in applause. Singing in a choir is an escape from the stresses of daily life, as the joy of music calms down the mind. There are endless reasons for joining a choir group and  achieving a sort of harmony is not the least of them.

We talked to Camilla Fritzén about the choirs she has started.


When did you start thinking about creating a choir and who influenced your decision?

It was when I studied at the Royal College in Stockholm. I’m a curious person so I was thinking it would be fun to try being a choir conductor and fortunately the opportunity presented itself just a few days later.


How many choirs did you create and what are they called?

Me and my colleague have a total of six choirs. We wanted a base name which would include everything that has to do with voice and we thought that Vocal House is a suitable name. Based on that we created appropriate names for each group.


How do you select the singers? What about the themes from which you select the repertoire?

As I said we have six different choirs. Each choir rehearses once a week and there are different levels and ages, so that everyone can find their place.

For example every fall we have a big concert with all 180 singers from all the choirs and we call that the Red Night, because the colour red is so good in December. It can represent love, fire and Christmas at the same time. In the spring we have different themes, each year depending on the group. So far we have had for example a 90s concert, a movie concert, love songs and so on.


How many concerts per year do you organise?

Every singer has the opportunity to sing twice a year.


What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Joy and energy – because everything has to be about connecting with others, that gives me the energy in life.




Did you ever think about doing tours with your choirs?

No, because I want my choirs to be a place where singers can come and relax, have fun and learn something new as a hobby in their stressed and busy life. And this goes both for the beginners and experienced choir singers. For example, last week I received a message from one of the singers who had had a tough time at work, saying that singing in the choirs made him feel joyful and happy and for me these things can make my day. 

Would you think of selecting 3–5 young talented voices from your choirs to help them become a modern band and promote them?

I was thinking about this with the students from the college I work in.


When do you have your next concert with the choirs and where?

Thenext concert is at Dieselverkstan in Sickla on the the 10th and 11th May. It´s going to be a fun concert to watch with both up-tempo songs and ballads. Tickets are available at Ticnet, just search for “POPCHOIR CONCERT”.


How can people get in touch with you or apply to the choirs? 

We have all the information about the choirs at our website: vocalhouse.se

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