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India Unlimited: the Subcontinent Comes to Stockholm

Ever been to a Bollywood party? What about a historical sari exhibit? Now’s your chance. This week Stockholm is set to get an infusion of cultural color, as India takes the spotlight and aims to raise awareness and cooperation between the nations.

The program is a collaboration between the Indian Embassy in Sweden and Business Sweden, as well as the Sweden-India Business Council. Throughout the week Stockholmers can learn about India and enjoy a little taste, literally and figuratively, of the subcontinent.

“By food, by music, by art, by culture, through business conferences and interesting speakers, we are trying to awaken Swedes to something new,” event project leader Sanjoo Malhotra told YLC.

“And maybe by bringing this here we will find new ways to start collaborating, getting to understand each other.”

Former Swedish prime minister Göran Persson, in attendance at the kickoff event, said the goal of the week is to demonstrate India’s potential.

“I am convinced that India will be the next engine in world economy, and therefore also will be very important culturally,” Persson told YLC. “I think many still don’t realize it.”

The Minami restaurant at Stockholm’s Clarion Hotel will be transformed into an Indian restaurant for the week, offering a wide variety of dishes from various regions of India. The Saga Cinema on Kungsgatan is hosting the Indian Film Festival, taken over by an Indian theme with live entertainment and a “red carpet” of Indian rugs. The full program, which features art, business lectures, dance performances, yoga classes, and more, can be found here.

Don’t miss your chance to bhangra with the best of them – the Bollywood party of the year kicks off at 9pm on Friday! 

More from India Unlimited on the site soon – stay tuned!


Featured Image: Maurice Haak/Flickr

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