24 Apr 2024
Valentine’s Day
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Swedish Valentine’s Vocabulary: Petnames

It IS Valentine’s Day “Alla Hjärtans Dag”. And you’re in Sweden. So what are the Swedish equivalents of honey, doodley-bear, and schmuck-ums? YLC has your ultimate guide to sweet-talk, Swedish style. Älskling From “älska”, to love. Equivalent to darling, honey. One of the most common terms of endearment in Swedish. But if you haven’t made […]

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YLC Review: Swedish Dating Sites

Love it or hate it, internet dating makes meeting people a lot simpler. There’s a cornucopia of variety quite literally at your fingertips. But it’s still a jungle out there. Choosing a dating site is sort of like choosing a club. So how do Swedish online dating sites differ? A study at the University of […]

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Five Places to Dance Your Heartbreak Away

No reason to be a hermit on Friday the Fourteenth – here’s where you can boogie away the lovesick blues!

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Five Free Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

Romantic dinner, jewellery, roses…Valentine’s Day can be a great way to break the bank, we know. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a treasure trove of free ways to celebrate! Valentine’s Lunch Beat YLC tried out the Lunch Beat last year and you can read about our experience here. But now it’s time […]

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Five Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Ah yes, trying to find the perfect gift for your beloved. It’s never easy, is it?  Well, YLC has you covered with five great ideas sure to please the man in your life on Valentine’s Day. Men are not always easy to buy gifts for and there really is no ‘one size fits all’ when […]

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Love on a Plate: Top Five Romantic Restaurants

A truly romantic dinner can help make Valentine’s Day – or any day, really – extra special.  We’ve scoured our beautiful city and found what we consider to be five of the most romantic for you and your honey. What gets you in the mood for romance? Fantastic views? Gastronomical adventures? A wine list to […]

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Five Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Buying a gift for the woman in your life can be a challenge but YLC has picked out five ideas for you to find that perfect special something for that perfect special someone.  The list of things to buy your lady love is endless and well-worn: jewellery, chocolates, flowers … been there, done that, right? […]

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YLC Top Picks: Romantic Reads

Romantic Reads covers a lot of territory: from Civil War drama to modern romps through frothy silliness. Whether you’re looking for a good weep or a belly laugh, we’ve got some great reading choices for February.    Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell Love stories don’t often get as dramatic a back-drop as the […]

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