20 Apr 2024
Sustainable Vegetarian

Zero Waste: More Than a Trend, a Sustainable Shift in Stockholm’s Culinary Scene

In Stockholm, zero waste isn’t just a trend; it’s a delicious commitment to sustainability that’s making waves in the food scene, as exemplified by popular establishments like Växthuset, Fotografiska, and Bonnie’s. From cosy cafes to upscale eateries, chefs are getting creative with their culinary wizardry, finding ingenious ways to make the most of every ingredient and […]

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World’s Largest “Wood City” To Be Built In Stockholm

Stockholm Wood City — the “world’s largest mass timber project” — will be constructed in Sickla, just southeast of central Stockholm, and take shape as “a vibrant, urban environment with a mix of workplaces, housing, restaurants and shops,” a press release reveals. Featuring 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 homes, spanning 250,000 square meters in total, the City […]

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Outdoor Activities Videos Your New City

Stockholm’s Greening Journey Offers Something for Every Step of Life

Stockholm is world renowned for its commitment to green spaces, as well as the brilliant execution that city planners have displayed in implementing outdoors spaces. Indeed, the World Economic Forum has profiled that commitment, noting how it can provide inspiration to urban citizens across the world. From bucolic cafes and sustainable shopping malls to long expanses of greenery that […]

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Fashion & Beauty

Why Stockholm is an Ethical Fashion Powerhouse

Sweden’s fashion industry is huge, representing 11% of the country’s total exports. The most prominent brands are represented at Stockholm’s fashion district, where people from around the world chase after the latest clothing trends. This is where Sweden’s famous Fashion Week takes place, but it’s more than just a place to up your style game. Stockholm […]

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Featured Finance Work & Money

A Stockholmer’s Guide to Ethical Investing

With interest in ethical investing on the rise, more consumers are becoming conscious of where their money goes and the causes they support. While investors are now being presented with a range of ethical investment options, there is one city that has long reigned supreme in its bid for sustainability: Stockholm. Stockholm is not only known […]

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Stockholm Moves Towards Sustainability

Stockholm is on a mission to go green. Sweden’s capital has taken the challenge very seriously and has launched a number of initiatives aimed at making the city more environmentally friendly. In 2010, the city was designated European Green Capital by the EU Commission. Now known as one of the EU’s lighthouse cities, Stockholm has […]

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