22 May 2024
YLC Review: Bakfickan on Kungsträdgården
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YLC Review: Bakfickan on Kungsträdgården

Date night, quick bite or family lunch on the go? Experience the Opera House in a new way at hidden gem Bakfickan!


Bakfickan, which means hip pocket in English, is one of those places you could easily miss when passing the Opera House.  Take a closer look and don’t be put off should the 28-seater appear full. This little jewel is housed within the iconic Opera House and shares a kitchen with the renowned Operakällaren.

I literally hopped up on a bar chair for a solitary lunch of poached cod with mussels and spring vegetables (175 SEK) and a glass of 2011 Des Grandes Perrieres, Sancerre, Loire (138 SEK per glass). The quality of the food, the well chosen wines available by the glass and the good beer selection makes for a great dining experience out. Look out for the meat dish of the week  from Nobis farms in Gotland. Vegetarian dishes vary and are usually really good. The shrimp salad always receives good reviews and makes a harmonious match with the fresh, crispy Sancerre on a spring or a lovely summer’s day!

The u-shaped bar/dining counter is an excellent vantage point for dreaming through the old Opera themed décor and watching the old school servers in action. They might not be old but they’re certainly old school. Bakfickan attracts a wide range of guests but I have the feeling that locals like to keep this secret to themselves. I had the company of punk girls, young bankers, retired regulars and families with small children all perched on our bar chairs.

I did not on this occasion have the fortune to run into a lovelorn baritone or a hopeful mezzo soprano but I do know that you could do a fair share of celebrity spotting in the evenings. It’s the kind of place where you could go by yourself or with friends/family at any time of the day and be guaranteed that your favorite seasonal Swedish dish will be available to order. Outside serving opens on 26th May and you’ll do well to bag a good spot since they are located in a bit of a shady spot.

Other activities at the Opera house?

Why not enjoy drinks and some light refreshments on the Veranda at the Opera house at 17.30 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings followed by 30 minute concerts in the beautiful Golden Foyer. You might want to pop in at the Opera ticket office and collect a program for the new 2013/2014 season and book early. The last full productions run until the first week of June and new productions open in September. Guided tours of the Opera house are also available at set times during the day. Children and adults alike get a behind the scenes look into the inner workings of the house for 100kr. Find out more at www.operan.se.


Miss V’s Etiquette tip:

‘General rule when eating out in Stockholm – do not ask whether the staff speak English. I was fascinated by the way in which a French family were set straight by a well seasoned server.’


When:  11.30am-11.30pm Mon-Fri, noon-11.30pm Saturday

Where:  Karl XII’s Torg Norrmalm, Operahuset

Contact:  08 676 5808, www.operakallaren.se



Starters: 150-270 SEK

Mains: 175-295 SEK

Desserts: 70-85 SEK

Wines:   90-138 SEK per glass and 300-490 per bottle

Champagne: 845-3224 SEK per bottle

Beer:  up to 75 SEK 40cl

***White Guide is Sweden’s leading restaurant guide since 2005. All restaurants reviewed by Miss V will be selected across categories from the guide. Bakfickan is listed as a good restaurant.


Vanessa Le Grange

Vanessa is an aspiring wine economist and sommelier in lifelong training. Above all – she is a lover of people and elegant solutions.

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  • Colin 23 May 2013

    I will definitely try out this spot. Thanks for the tip and keep them coming.

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