21 Jun 2024
Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants
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Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants

In 1903 the first Swedish Vegetarian Society was founded in Stockholm.  Since then a rising interest in vegetarianism and veganism has resulted in a growth of local restaurants and cafés offering healthy, delicious, meatless dishes.  Today vegetarians and vegans will find an increase in choices for dining out in Stockholm with cuisines from all over the world.  In this list you will find strictly vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as a couple of “compromise” restaurants which serve meat but offer excellent vegan and vegetarian dishes in their menus.

“one of the greatest opportunities to live our values – or betray them – lies in the food we put on our plates.”

Jonathan Safran Foer (Eating Animals)




Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Stockholm

Lao Wai (Vegan)

Luntmakargatan 74

T-bana:  Rådmansgatan

Tel: 08-673 78 00


[email protected]

Lao Wai is a Chinese restaurant offering all types of vegetarian dishes from a Szechuan and Taiwanese menu.  It’s a restaurant that prides itself in cooking only with fresh ingredients, no canned vegetables. Each dish is individually prepared using freshly ground herbs and spices. No eggs or dairy are used.

Chutney (Vegan friendly)

Katarina Bangata 19

T-bana: Medborgarplatsen

Tel: 08-640 30 10


[email protected]

Chutney offers an international menu with generous portions of flavorful vegetarian dishes in a laid-back, student-shabby atmosphere. This place is best known for its tasty vegan stews and organic wine list.

Lemuria Halsa and Skonhet (Vegan friendly)

Nybrogatan 26

T-bana: Östermalmstorg

Tel: 08-660 02 21

In addition to being a health food shop, Lemuria is also a small lunch restaurant with a vegetarian menu at a very reasonable price. Those who are gluten intolerant can safely eat here.

Martins Gröna (Vegan friendly)

Regeringsgatan 91

T-bana: Hötorget

Tel: 08-411 58 50

Martins Gröna is a small, popular lunch place usually serving 2 daily dishes. Better to arrive early (it’s only open 11:00 to 2:00).

Café Hangmattan (Vegan friendly)

Södermanna gatan 10

T- bana: Medborgarplatsen

Tel: 0763 410 360


[email protected]

This Brazilian theme café also offers western vegetarian and vegan dishes. The community café opens its doors to social gatherings and offers musicians and artists a cheap place to perform or display their work.  Cash only.

Hermans (Vegan friendly)

Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23, Stockholm

T-bana: Slussen

Tel: 08-643 94 80


[email protected]

Herman’s is a vegetarian restaurant best known for its huge all-you-can-eat buffets. Featuring food from different regions of the world prepared with organic ingredients. The moderately priced restaurant offers a juice bar as well as a spectacular harbor view. Note: Monday nights is student night = half price buffet:) Be there early to beat the crowds.


Nybrogatan 31, Stockholm

T-bana: Östermalmstorg

Tel: 08-662 17 28

Yet another vegetarian restaurant offering a buffet.  Located above the Östermalmshallen food market, it is considered Stockholm’s oldest existing vegetarian restaurant. Örtagården is a bit swankier than the average vegetarian restaurant with its high ceilings and grand piano, so you can expect to pay a bit more.


Fridhemsgatan 22

T-bana: Fridhemsplan

Tel: 08-654 90 04


[email protected]

Operated by friendly Hare Krishna followers, this inexpensive vegetarian restaurant has a relaxed Indian-style atmosphere. Upstairs guests can sit on a pillow at a low table.

Hermitage (Vegan friendly)

Stora Nygatan 11

T-bana: Gamla Stan

Tel: 08-411 95 00


This laid-back restaurant serves international dishes that vary according to the season. It is best known for its delicious home-made bread, which is served with all dishes. The kitchen uses mainly organic ingredients, with up to 70% of the vegetables organically grown on the island of Gotland. Both gluten and lactose intolerant people can safely eat here.

Legumes (Vegan friendly)

Hornsgatan 80

T-bana: Zinkensdamm/Mariatorget

Tel: 08-669 35 35


[email protected]

Légumes is a moderately priced buffet-style restaurant serving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. Open for lunch.

Organic Green Butik and Cafe (Vegan-friendly)

Rehnsgatan 24

T-bana: Rådmansgatan

Tel: 08-612 74 84


This restaurant health food store offers a moderately priced organic buffet with colourful dishes and drinks loaded with healthy ingredients. Soups and bread are guaranteed vegan.

Sattva’s Eko Smak (Vegan-friendly)

Fleminggatan 11

T-bana: Rådhuset

Tel: 08-654 68 69


This organic bakery/café has a vegetarian take on fast food. Serving soup, coffee, soya latte, carrot cake and fresh baked breads from around the world that are dairy free, fat free and sugar-free.  All available for take-out or delivery.

Seyhmus (Vegan-friendly)

Varvsgatan 29

T-bana: Hornstull

Tel: 08-658 55 55


[email protected]

Seyhmus offers an organic vegetarian buffet in a casual dining atmosphere.

Compromise Restaurants


Skånegatan 84

T-bana: Medborgaplatsen

Tel: 08-644 48 84


[email protected]

This trendy SoFo restaurant focuses on organic, locally grown produce with a seasonal menu in a bohemian atmosphere.  Dishes like wild boar and beef are served here, but there are mouthwatering vegetarian alternatives too.

Blå Lotus café

Katarina Bangata 21, Stockholm

T-bana: Medborgarplatsen

Tel: 08-644 50 43

The Blå Lotus (located just a couple of doors down from Chutney) is a kitschy café serving sandwiches and snacks at a very reasonable price, and while the menu is not strictly vegetarian, Blå Lotus does offer several reasonably priced vegan and vegetarian options.

By Kristan Coleman





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