22 Jun 2024
Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Krogen Soldaten Švejk
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Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Krogen Soldaten Švejk

This week’s review: Krogen Soldaten Švejk

Run by the same family since 1974 this shabby Bohemian-style pub serves Czech-inspired home cooking and a variety of fantastic Czech beers in a cozy east-European atmosphere. Relaxed and friendly, although often crowded, this place is a must if you’re looking for outstanding tap-beer and a generous meal at a good price.

Atmosphere – Soldaten Švejk is a piece of the Czech Republic, right here in Stockholm. Upon entering, you can’t help but feel like you’ve just crossed the Baltic sea and stepped into a pub in Prague; as the walls and windows are decorated with old paintings and Czech novelties that help form this impression. You can see vintage bottles of various Czech beers and a hockey stick signed by various legendary veteran players at the bar. Soldaten Švejk has communal benches, small booths or you can also pull up a stool at the bar by their unique taps. If you are just grabbing a meal, there is a separate dining room area. The staff are very friendly, the food is served quickly and the patrons are good beer loving people. Once a year the owners hold a Czech Beer festival which takes place in the beginning of spring where they feature over 20 draft beers from the Czech and Slovak republic.

Food – Serving good Czech home style cooked food was the original inspiration for opening the bar and it still persists today. You can start with the “Odds and Ends” menu which features smaller simple portions. Their entrees include Bratwurst served with horseradish and mustard, a cheese and “Ölkorvs” platter, and hardy well-seasoned goulash soup. The main courses are available all year long and can be beautifully complimented by their various beers.

Try the potato pancakes which are served with bacon and lingon berries or the Cheese Special which is fried with ham, wrapped with a breaded crust and served with a side of potatoes. The dish that comes out of the kitchen most often is the Schnitzel, which is served in generous portions, almost bigger than your plate, plus a side of potatoes. A vegetarian alternative is also offered. Their entire menu goes perfectly with a nice cold pilsner. When you are done and you still have room, try one of their desserts.

Beer – Any true fan of Czech style beer has to come by here for a pint. Don’t come here looking for a Falcon or HOF as Soldaten Švejk features the best beers that the Czech Republic has to offer, imported from the country itself. They are one of the few bars that have an importer license which allows them to bring the beers they want direct from Czech breweries. They have 10 beers whose names you may or may not recognize, but the taste will be better than any tap in town that serves the same because of their unique importing methods. But don’t expect this process to cost the customer as all the beer is priced under 60kr. They also carry 5 different Czech spirits along with the regular lineup of alcohol. Should you desire a slightly fancier drink, you can order wine by the bottle or get the house wine by the glass.

Krogen Soldaten Švejk

Östgötagatan 35, 116 25, Stockholm

T-bana: Medborgarplatsen

Tel: 08 641 33 66


Open Hours

Mon-Thu: 17:00-24:00

Fri- Sat: 16:00-24:00

Sun: 17:00-23:00

By: James Vogel


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