21 Jun 2024
Stockholm restaurants: Södermalm review
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Stockholm restaurants: Södermalm review

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Stockholm?

Well, look no further. Stockholm nightlife is all about finding that perfect bar or restaurant to suit your style and your tatse buds.

There is nothing better than getting a trusted recommendation for your next dining out experience in Stockholm. Our Contributor Emma West, has spent 3 years sorting the good from the bad, and believes that Södermalm is one of the best places to experiment with international cuisine. Emma believes some of the best restaurants in Stockholm lie in Södermalm which is far enough away from the tourist traps and business districts of central Stockholm. You’ll be pleased to find – in this edgy sofo district – some particularly alluring food sensations. As someone who enjoys ethnic food, Emma has followed word of mouth suggestions, filtered through reviews and tested out a plethora of different menus to find her favorites on this island. We are excited to bring you her results so far – happy eating!

‘The 5 top restaurants on Söder’

Akki Sushi

Cuisine- Japanese

I had all but given up on good sushi in Stockholm (that didn’t cost a months’ salary) when I tried Akki Sushi. It’s really more of a sushi counter than a restaurant, with only four seats in the whole place. There’s no real sign for the restaurant on the street front, but if you see a group of people waiting outside – you know you’ve found landmark. The sushi is very, very good and definitely worth paying a little extra for.

Address: Folkungagatan 45

Bistro Humlehof

Cuisine- German

One evening I walked past a packed Humlehof on our way to a disappointing dinner at an empty Chinese restaurant. I took notice of the warm and buzzing feel of Humlehof and made a mental note to go back there on our next adventure.

And go back I did! I was pleased to find traditional, hearty, and really tasty food! The menu is on the wall, in Swedish, but the wait staff will help you out if you need a translation. You’ll find at least one fish or seafood dish for your non-red meat eaters, but the schnitzel seems to be the favorite. The beer list, of course, is excellent.

Address: Folkungagatan 128


Cuisine- Swedish

I can’t claim to have found this restaurant myself. Over two years ago, our friends from Japan found it in their guide book and treated my husband and I to dinner one night. Now we take every international guest that has come to visit us, back to Pelikan for a delightful dining experience.

The restaurant is full of history and character dating back to the 1600s. The dining hall is large, with a high, beer – hall ceiling. The wait staff are super friendly. They have a great, dry sense of humor and are always welcoming.

The food is the best part of this place. The menu is Swedish, and is best described as seasonal, home cooking. You’ll always find traditional dishes of meatballs, cured salmon, and the SOS appetizer platter with Swedish cheeses and herring. The seasonal dishes we’ve had have included: artichoke stuffed with wild Swedish mushroom sauce, pike-perch stuffed with salmon, and baked lamb. On the beer list you’ll find some of the best of what Sweden has to offer (not the bland, standards you’ll find in most bars)

Address: Blekingegatan 40

Nem Nem Quan

Cuisine- Vietnamese

There aren’t many Vietnamese restaurants in Stockholm so it didn’t take long for me to find Nem Nem Quan. The first time we decided to stop by, it was booked for the night, so we learned our lesson and now always make a reservation.

The pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) is good, but the duck dishes are my favorites. The portions are modest so you’ll probably want to order an appetizer or two.  The fresh spring rolls are the way to go – super yummy.

Address: Åsögatan 90

Shanti Soft Corner

Cuisine- Indian

This restaurant was recommended by an Indian friend and we’ve been back so many times that I’ve lost count. Okay, let’s address the name first. The restaurant is oddly shaped and wraps around the corner of a rounded building. The rest is up to your imagination.

The menu is extensive and has something for everyone – ranging from very mild to spicy. They have paneer, korma, dal, masala, tandoori, sizzler, rogan josh, and many other traditional dishes. They also offer their own specialties if you want to try something a little more out of the ordinary. Most of the main dishes come with a salad, mango chutney and lentil soup, so it will fill you right up.

Address: Södermalmsallén 34

By: Emma West

Photo by: www.imagebank.sweden.se (c) Miriam Preis /Miriam Preis


  • Hester 25 May 2011

    This is a great article! With Akki Sushi on the top of the list…I know I can trust your judgement on the rest 🙂 BTW, Akki is located right next to Medborgarplatsen T-bana entrance. It’s a hole in the wall, but the sushi is AMAZING!

  • Susy smith 26 May 2011

    Love this. Shanti Soft corner is my favourire Indian resteraunt in Stockholm. So good! Thanks for the review!

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