21 Jun 2024
Stockholm Basketball: four-day kids camp
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Stockholm Basketball: four-day kids camp

Stockholm Basketball offers a four-days kids camp this year from August 16th-19th. It’s taught by basketball legends Eddie Brown and Tommy Baker.

The ‘Stockholm Streetball Superstar Camp‘ goal is to teach children and young ballers age 6 – 15 to play a fun and American style basketball game. This style of basketball focuses on being show oriented, entertaining, and it is a fun and fast game.

At the camp, kids get the opportunity to be with others who also want to do something different, and it’s a great opportunity for them to meet new friends.

The camp is open to all playing levels, from very beginners to those with previous basketball experience.

Instructors: Eddie Brown & Tommy Baker

Eddie Brown began his professional Basketball career in the mid-80′s playing with the famous  Harlem Globetrotters Fred “Curly” Neal and Larry “Gator” Rivers. He also played with NBA superstar and legend Pete Maravich and with Meadowlark Lemon‘s Shooting Stars.

Tommy Baker is an internationally renowned basketball Freestyler who holds a Guinness world record. His dynamism and outstanding basketball- shows makes you breathless. Tommy will make an attempt to beat his own world record in Stockholm Streetball Superstar Camp after he has been training all participants during these great days.

For more information check out Crazy Hoops Stockholm

Image: by jmontgomery from Flickr creative commons

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  • Samar 3 Jul 2018

    Hi My son is a basket player he begean playing Basketball
    When he was 7 years old he is 13 years old now
    He play with kfum Linköping i d like to be with you in that
    Camp with pleasure but i need more information about
    The everything and how mutch it cost
    Thanks for your answer

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