14 Jul 2024
Swedish Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Brands To Love
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Swedish Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Brands To Love

Swedish Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Brands To Love

The modern Swedish consumer is more and more focused on buying less, making conscious purchasing choices and making it last. Sustainable products that have been made with care for the environment, from the materials they are made off to the processes they use in their manufacturing, all the way to the packaging they are delivered in, are what the Swedish market is opting for. So we took a dive into all the Swedish brands that are genuinely working towards clean and head-to-toe sustainable practices. We made a list of some of these brands that you would definitely love! Here you will find some skin care products, clothing and even phone cases that you surely can buy with a good conscience and know that you are doing our Earth a favour.

1. Loose Knot: 

Loose Knot focuses on dresses and accessories with a big sustainability purpose to reduce our environmental impact.
For them, producing ecologically sustainable products is about creating something new and better from already produced materials such as goods coming from overproduction.

Loose Knot’s dresses are made from these leftover textiles which they transform into beautiful One Size dresses that are fully adjustable and can be tied and worn in different ways for versatile looks.
They create accessories made from ocean waste transformed into new fantastic products. These accessories are made of recycled plastic that is hand-picked waste from our oceans, which thus protects our oceans and makes a change.
Loose Knot is working in a sustainable chain of organisations and companies which makes a difference towards a cleaner and better environment.
They only work with certified manufacturers with high certification requirements to guarantee ethical production and to maintain social standards and welfare. We love Loose Knot because they are committed to sustainability, quality and versatility.

Shop Loose Knot here

Loose Knot
Loose Knot – photo courtesy of the band

2. Moonsun Organic of Sweden

Moonsun Organic of Sweden is an award-winning holistic, unisex beauty range based on natural ingredients. Lovely products filled with aromatherapy for maximum effect on the skin. The Swedish skin care series is adaptogenic, which means that the products adapt to different skin types. Therefore, the products are equally suitable for women and men, day and night and from early adolescence to ageing skin. You achieve a beauty that is sustainable for both humans and nature.

Shop Moonsun Organic of Sweden here

Moonsun Organic of Sweden
Moonsun Organic of Sweden – photo courtesy of the band

3. Bark of Sweden

Bark of Sweden mobile covers are made from 100% Swedish hardwood left over from forest management in parks and green areas. They have developed a completely new method of recycling wood into impact-resistant, durable and beautiful mobile phone cases. The entire manufacturing process takes place in their factory premises in Spånga, Stockholm, from pieces of wood to the finished shell. Bark of Sweden’s mobile case collection is individually milled from Swedish hardwood to both decorate and protect your phone.

Shop Bark of Sweden here

Bark of Sweden
Bark of Sweden – photo courtesy of the band

4. Tripulse

Tripulse makes innovative natural performance activewear for the conscious-minded. Their products combine quality, comfort and performance with a user-centric and timeless design that have sustainability in their very DNA. Designed in Sweden. Ethically made in Europe. All made with Tencel and other great materials such as PYRATEX® Power III, 89% TENCEL™ lyocell, low-impact elastane which requires less energy and CO2 emissions than conventional materials.

Shop Tripulse here

Tripulse – photo courtesy of the band

5. HUMLE  från Kalvsved

HUMLE manufacture organic serums and soaps from 100% organic vegetable oils. In the recipes, they add hop oil that they extract from their home-grown hops.
Multiple winner in Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021, they won with three out of four nominated products, as well as winning the prize for the jury’s favorite of all nominated products! It’s neither chance nor money that got them there, it’s pure high-quality raw materials and their burning interest in creating products that really make a difference. Science has identified that hop oils, besides seasoning the beer, have plenty of good effects on the skin such as: preservative (which is its function in beer, apart from the taste!), antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, mentally relaxing, anticarcinogenic. Plenty of reasons to give HUMLE’s hoppy products a chance!

Shop HUMPLE here

HUMLE  från Kalvsved
HUMLE från Kalvsved – photo courtesy of the band

6. The ACE Bag

Is a circular fashion brand designing sustainable, fashionable & functional bags from recycled fishing nets rescued from the bottom of the ocean and other nylon waste. They are born and raised in Stockholm and Brussels, but now live under the wonderful Madrid sun.

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the ace bag sustainable eco
The ACE Bag – photo courtesy of the band

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