13 Jun 2024
Rookies 2013 – the latest thing in Swedish fashion
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Rookies 2013 – the latest thing in Swedish fashion

Every year since 2005, the Swedish Fashion Council (Moderådet) puts on a show during Stockholm Fashion Week to showcase a number of select young brands and promote their establishment on the market. Your Living City was there to see the Rookies chosen for 2013.


There was a distinct air of excitement as Stockholm fashionistas, editors, buyers and other industry people took their places next to the runway. Not being a fabulous fashionista myself, I was pleased to note that my chosen black outfit at least made me fit in with the rest of the gathered spectators – this is Sweden after all. I couldn’t fail but notice, however, that hats must be very much ‘in’ this season; the front row were sporting everything from what looked like shower–caps, complete with sown-on rosebuds, to proper little 40s headpieces.

The show itself was inspiring, featuring everything from floaty fabrics to military chic and covering both men and women’s fashion as well as accessory, shoe and jewellery designers. Of note were the bags created by designer Christoffer Dellstrand and the futuristic–looking-modern-hobo-inspired men’s line and accessories by menswear brand Nor Autonom. Among the womenswear, Mes Dames stood out for their interesting use of fabric and for creating a ‘onesie’ that I would actually consider wearing. Restructional Clothing was another Your Living City favourite. To make up your own mind who was best, take a ringside seat yourself and watch the video below:

The 12 designers taking part in the show were chosen by an expert jury consisting of members of the fashion industry, PR professionals and media representatives. The designers will now be given a chance to showcase their work in different ways over the course of the year and five of them will later be nominated for the ‘Rookies of the Year’ title in May during Stockholm Fashion Week Retailer Collections. Besides a challenge trophy, the winning brand is awarded floor space to sell their brand in the fashion chain The Casbah in Stockholm as well as a substantial cash price from one of the sponsors.  

Previous winners have gone on to do bigger things and include women’s fashion brand Dagmar (2005), Dada’s Diamonds (2006), van Deurs (2007), Uniforms for the Dedicated (2008), Patouf (2009), Ida Pyk (2010), Obscur (2011) and Lobra (2012). Watch this space for what happens to the 2013 Rookies…

For more information and contact details for this year’s Rookies, please click here.



Article and Photos: Rebecca Martin

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