21 Jun 2024
Planning a Stockholm Wedding in 2021?
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Planning a Stockholm Wedding in 2021?

Will 2021 Be The Year Of Your Stockholm Wedding?

The vast majority of weddings were canceled in 2020, and those postponed to 2021 are still subject to a plethora of restrictions that need to be followed in the fight against the current pandemic. Sweden is currently experiencing a slowing ‘third wave’, meaning that health and safety regulations for restaurants and related services (which may affect wedding parties) are required. The good news for 2021 couples is that it is definitely possible to celebrate your big day, sporting the latest trends in your fashion, catering and décor choices. There will be a few changes with respect to previous years, but many weddings will undoubtedly light up the Stockholm sky in what remains of 2021.


What Restrictions Are Currently Applicable?

The current Swedish restrictions stipulate that no more than eight people may be present at a public gathering or event. This is true whether you choose to celebrate your reception in an event venue or any other type of rented premises. Hopefully these restrictions will be eased as we get into the summer and vaccination cover increases. There are also restrictions with regard to travel: currently, there is an entry ban for all non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU, and foreign nationals need to present a negative Covid-19 test, taken no more than 48 hours between the testing time and entry into Sweden. All these factors must be taken into account when planning aspects such as your wedding celebration and honeymoon.

 Will 2021 Be The Year Of Your Stockholm Wedding?

Venue Trends

The current health situation is just one reason why many couples will be choosing to celebrate outdoors. Lush nature is an ideal backdrop for wedding photographs, so receptions in the midst of a majestic green setting have always been favored by trendy urbanites. Just a few venues you might consider include Södertuna Slott (a dreamlike castle with carefully manicured gardens, which are ideal for an outdoor reception), Häringe Slott (a fairytale-like manor home with a beautiful garden that is the perfect backdrop for a special celebration), and Rosendals Trädgård (a garden oasis and one of the top choices for nature lovers).

Personalization is ‘in’

If the current health situation has proven one thing, it’s that couples are finding unique and highly personalized ways to say ‘I do’. The intimate nature of current weddings means that more time and a higher budget can be dedicated to providing the little details that make your day more meaning-filled. Just a few trends in personalization include fashion (vintage and family heirloom dresses have made a comeback), transformational wedding dresses (think a skirt that can simply be removed so the same top can be paired with a shorter skirt for partying), and original wedding jewelry. One rising trend is silicone wedding bands for men – a good choice for sporty men who want jewelry that won’t scratch or bend. Silicone is also lightweight and comfortable, and (like transformational dresses) suits sartorial brides and grooms who like to ‘think out of the box’.

 Will 2021 Be The Year Of Your Stockholm Wedding?

Embracing The Eco-Friendly Trend

Sweden is already known for being one of the most sustainable countries in the world (if not the number one country in this regard). However, sustainability is also a huge trend on a global scale when it comes to weddings, with brides and grooms choosing options like plant-based cuisine for their reception, eco-friendly décor (for instance, the use of potted flower plants instead of cut flowers to decorate the reception room and ceremony area), and DIY upcycled or organic wedding favors. If your wedding has been postponed and you wish to make your own favors, think of green options such as vegan jams and preserves, gourmet olive oil bottles, or eco-tree kits your guests can plant on your behalf.

Getting married may be a bit of a challenge in modern times, but many couples are still choosing to say ‘I do’. It’s important to check the latest norms and regulations, since these change frequently depending on the state of the pandemic. When planning your upcoming wedding, think along the lines of current trends such as outdoor receptions, personalized fashion and jewelry, and sustainability.

All photographs in this article by Stockholm based wedding photographer Karen Lundquist from 1 Way Ticket Photography For contact click here.

Will 2021 Be The Year Of Your Stockholm Wedding?

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