25 Jun 2024
Interior design postcards for the fall season
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Interior design postcards for the fall season

The cold is coming, darkness is possessing our day light and there is nothing we can do about it except for two things.

1. Take the first airplane to a beautiful sunny destination! We can always dream.

2. Face our reality, and decorate our home or at least that special place where we spend most part of our time, and take advantage of the “mysigness” of this season. (It brings to my mind things like applepie, pumpkin latte, and so much more). But lets focus now, and get back to talking interior decoration.

So lets start with colors

In stores everywhere the trends are dark blue and pale pink,  for everything from cushions, curtains, dishes and decoration items. In terms of dreams it looks beautiful and fancy, but in reality when it comes to decoration, trends always pass.

That is why we decided to work with the fall foliage colors. In this way, it’s certain that these colors will be on trend every year. You are saving money and the planet by not constantly consuming products that will have passed their trendiness after a few months.

You can make an instant makeover in a very budget-friendly way.

We started by styling our sofa with cushions of  different shapes, fabrics, sizes and colours. This way we bring a point of interest to the sofa, that can seriously transform your living room in an inexpensive way, giving you the freedom of changing colours depending on the season or your mood.









To add some extra decoration touches to our living room, we continue with the inspiration of nature. So we added some pumpkins and some seasonal flowers/plants that go with the colours that we already had picked.

Because of the darkness, it is very important to consider the lighting of the room and add some extra candles. These add not just light, but also the cosy factor which we need during the cold season.






As a tip you could always go for a walk in the woods, and pick some pine cones. They also make a very nice and smart piece of decoration at home. Let’s keep in mind that we need to make the most of our makeover, so we choose a look that will last from the beginning of fall, through Halloween and all the way to Thanksgiving.




The modern “throw blanket” is a perfect decoration piece that is not just pretty but functional. An easy and stylish way to position your blanket is by folding it lengthwise and placing it on the armrest of the sofa.

Lets always keep in mind that if we dig into our belongings, we could always find the wow factor for our makeover without having to break the bank. As always when it’s about a temporary transformation of your space, go for inspiration from the nature and you’ll never go wrong.


Photos by Karen Pérez Guzmán www.1_way_ticket.com


  • Cristina Villarreal 17 Sep 2018

    great article !!

  • Alejandra 17 Sep 2018

    Thanks!!! This article give me the inspiration that I need!!!

  • Norma Morales 18 Sep 2018

    go for inspiration from the nature and you’ll never go wrong. Así es, muy acertado y bueno tu artículo 🙂 bien por México 🙂

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